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  1. Oh nooooooo was zealous and clearing out old notes... and accidentally deleted one precious note, my main INDEX page, which is like a content page of all my evernotes. Unfortunately, I clear the trash
  2. On MacOS, Wanted to delete multiple notes. Select like 10 notes, Evernote crash, ask me to reload. Happen many times. Need to delete a couple notes at a time.
  3. I am trying this again on 18 DEC. They seems to have resolve that issues. - I can click my notes when offline, MacBook Pro
  4. Missing CONTEXT/ related notes suggestions Cant do presentation Cant search without internet Notes are not located locally?!
  5. Hi. Just updated to v 10.0.10 build 1838 public on Mac OS. VERY disappointed! I need to be connected to the internet to locate my notes? Notice that the notes are not searchable without internet. Presentation mode missing CONTEXT (related notes missing!) How to downgrade to previous version please. I do not have access to internet at times. A paid user
  6. Dear experts, I need help please.. total noob here. I can't seems to get Copy Note Link shortcut to work anymore in Mac. I don't know what's wrong. On my Macbook Pro, i will hold down the "fn + control + option + command + C" keys and it works. On the Logitec K850 bluetooth keyboard. I tried pressing "ctrl + fn + alt opt + cmd + C" keys, "ctrl + alt opt + cmd + C" and it doesn't work. Is it a keyboard problem? or Evernote problem? Confused haha
  7. This will be great. Not sure if we are meaning the same thing. Recently, i have been using the Zettlekasten method in note taking. The Roam Research software got this feature where any word, sentence, bullet block, can be tagged, and turned into a page/link. Over time, these tags crossed link and form a web of knowledge. Right now in evernote. I rely on the "Context" and Search feature to pull out possible related notes/content. I also manually create links (cross reference) to my notes. I will be very powerful if evernote have that feature, inline tagging or linking.
  8. YES please. I would like to have this Toggle, Collapse Text feature.
  9. That's one of the reason why I'm not ready to completely replace my laptop with a tablet. Apps are not full featured.
  10. You guys are creative. I feel I m under using Evernote. For me, it's just bullet journalling format.
  11. Hi, I am wondering how, if there is a way to display random notes? Like many users here, we have many notes, I wonder if there is a way to display random notes, so to just trigger serendipity moments:)? Best regards Moses
  12. Yeah. Never put all eggs in one basket. Never know if Evernote will be there "forever", then you may have problem migrating. Cheers!
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