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  1. Thanks MrGLOOG, The problem for me is that I use the iPhone, and since I add information to the bottom of a document, I need to scroll to the bottom. The CTRL+END isn't an option on the iPhone. I can get to the bottom by doing something wonky, like searching for XXX, but as I said, it is pretty wonky. Since this is not a difficult problem to solve, I think that it can't get on the list of things they want to fix. -Ed
  2. I've been over some large software projects. I know that you have to set priorities on major company initiatives, and that there are never enough resources for all of the requests. Nevertheless, we do set aside some resources for the smaller requests that make a difference in the user experience. It is worth it. Ed Catmull, Pixar and Disney
  3. As the originator of this thread, and as someone who is over a software group, I do agree that the software group has a very long list of requests. Of course they have to be sorted by some criteria, such as show stoppers, bugs, impact on users, and ease of implementation. For this software, I wouldn't know the difficulty of making any changes. I do understand that the devopers read these posts, appreciate the feedback since it means people care about the product, and then have to make some judgement call. So, in that spirt, I have a continued annoyance, which I have learned to live with, but still an annoyance. The only thing that can move it up the list, is more people reporting that an option to go quickly to the end of the document would be greatly appreciated. -Ed Catmull
  4. All of this is outstanding. Now, does anybody know if someone at Evernote even reads the comments?
  5. When I keep logs on Evernote and view them on my iPhone, I have to scroll to the bottom to make an addition. Scrolling to the bottom every time is a real time waster. My ask is for some simple way to be able to quickly move to the bottom of the note so that I can add to it.
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