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  1. This is the real problem. EN got really really bad when EN 10 was introduced, and it seems that the years since then have been spent fixing problems introduced in 10. (I realize there are new functions, but nothing I ever wanted, or need now.) In the email I got about the price increase, there was old copy about things getting faster and so on, but things are still slow. I'm regularly amazed when I open EN 10 on my Mac: it's like opening a Microsoft product! Used to be, you open EN and it's open. You click on a note and it's ready to edit, and all the attachments are already visible. Not so anymore. I'm renewing EN. So I hope Bending Spoons figures out how to make EN a success. But adding new features instead of restoring legacy functionality and speed seems like a bad bet on the future. What's needed isn't AI to clean up notes; we need actual intelligence fixing the product.
  2. It seems that these solutions solve a problem with EN 10 rather than providing genuine functionality. In particular, keeping a legacy version of EN installed to do things that were eliminated in the cross-grade to EN 10 is like having to keep a spare car, since your new car won't start every day after 8pm. Better to have a new car that always starts. Exporting to HTML does work, but it's a workaround, not a full-on solution: it's not obvious for someone looking for the feature, and it creates extra work (extra intermediary steps + the need to delete unwanted files that support the HTML, etc).
  3. Every so often I stop using Legacy EN and try the new version. (Recently I get a notification every day.) The switch never lasts long. Today I tried again. There's goofy interface stuff in the new EN that's worse, of course, but I persist. Then I make a note on my phone, and it syncs (this is the old Android version, since the new EN won't run on my Android 9 phone). I go back to my computer to edit the note in EN 10. The note never shows up. I do a force refresh. Nope. I close and reopen. Nope. So I close and go to EN Legacy. Boom! There it is, almost immediately.
  4. I now see that in fact all my notes are downloaded. If I go into EN 10 with internet turned off, it works great. But if my internet is iffy, then nothing works right. Any note I click on, there's a long delay, or just a spinning green thing. Same for opening the program itself. Bizarre.
  5. After being astonished with how bad EN's "unified" release was a year or more ago (dreadfully slow, missing core features), I found Legacy and switched back. I've been using Legacy happily for all this time (apart from a few bugs that I can live with). A couple weeks ago I tried switching back to EN's current version on my MacBook Air, and I'm sorry to say it's still inferior to their old product. I don't have consistently good internet, and I need software to run whether internet is off, or slow, or adequate. If I had time to find a better app, I would, but EN has got me (like it probably has a lot of other users) since I'm invested too deeply. I hope they sort this out someday. I've read that I need to wait for EN to download all my notes. But I don't see anything happening when I leave EN open. And it shouldn't take 1 min or more for the program to simply open. Please, developers, don't give us bells and whistles when the gasket has blown!
  6. Thanks. I never looked at the version number of what I used to use, so I thought there must be something closer to 10 than 7 is. (My 3-year-old counts like that, too -- you never know which number is coming next!)
  7. All I'm finding available is Evernote Legacy 7.14.1. Is it possible to get Evernote v.9? I'm ready to downgrade.
  8. Add my voice to the chorus of people who think that an upgrade should be better than the previous version, not worse; more functional, not less. This wouldn't be so bad, but as in version 9, Evernote does a poor job syncing files saved directly in the note. In the last few week, I've had at least 3 instances of losing edits to Excel files saved in a note -- which is to say, when I come back to the note an hour or a day later and reopen the file in the EN note, I notice that my edits from the previous work session are not reflected in the file saved in the note). I understand that syncing files while they're being edited is tricky, and sometimes there are timing quirks that lead to a failure (though it's not clear how this can happen, since v.10 won't let me open a note till EN has spun a green circle long enough to copy out the contents of the note by hand!). However, EN should have a robust system for catching file save-and-sync errors and reporting them immediately to the user, to avoid unnoticed data loss. (Please, don't anyone tell me that I can find the unsynced file deep in EN's mysterious folder structure. I know how to do that and have been saved from genuine data loss multiple times. But why use a program like EN if you end up having to use Finder to find the latest version of your file?)
  9. Take a look at the attached search for the words "book list." The note I want has "books list" in the title, but I never remember that. But I'm pretty close, right? Well, the targeted note is the 19th in the search results. I frankly can't remember the exact titles of my notes. That's why searching is so awesome. As John in Michigan USA observes, EN for Win doesn't support sorting results by quality of match. That seems to be a justification for EN's behavior. But it's exactly what people on this thread are unhappy about. Imagine a car company saying, "That model doesn't support rolling down the windows." It's true that a car drives without the ability to roll down the windows, but it's a nice feature, and most auto manufacturers have managed to incorporate windows-that-roll-down into their products, even relatively inexpensive cars! "For the price" -- some of us are Premium members and actually pay annually. "Google-quality search" -- Don't forget that one of the main reasons to use a sophisticated note-taking app is "findability." I do in fact expect the top note-taking apps to implement intelligent algorithms to improve search results. Maybe EN 10 for Windows knows how to return relevant search results. Waiting to see...
  10. Thanks, PinkElephant. I hope that the developers reconsider this move. I realize that it reduces the risk of creating note conflicts, but any syncing hangup on startup can now cause delays. (OneNote for desktop seems to give access to the local copy of a note immediately, and if you then inadvertently create a conflict, it has a built in comparison tool so you can fix it.)
  11. For me the "Keep data on leaving" selection is active. I get the same behavior as JoeTourist, though it's irregular. I just now restarted my MacBook and then opened Evernote, and I got a fast startup (about 14 seconds to fully open, but no long green spinner). However, sometimes I do get it. As JoeTourist has indicated, there's reason to think that it's not associated either with bandwidth or with hardware deficiencies.
  12. Thanks. It's true that I have slow internet. But the previous version of Evernote didn't seem to be so slow on startup. The only change is EN, not my internet. So my guess is that something changed about the startup or syncing routine in EN itself, which adversely affects people with EN. This is all supposition, of course. I appreciate the suggestion of opening a support ticket with activity logs.
  13. I wasn't clear, I guess. I'm not looking for a solution that makes it take even longer to open the app! I'm hoping that Evernote fixes the regressive upgrade so that the app opens and makes notes available immediately.
  14. It's actually astonishingly slow! I open up Evernote [10.17.6-mac-ddl-public (2775)] on my reasonably fast MacBook Air, and I click on a note, and it spins and spins. The note (whatever note I click on) is already available offline, so it can't be downloading. This is a serious usability issue, a very significant degradation.
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