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  1. 04-09-2019 19:12 The same frustration here.. I guess Evernote wants to get rid of me as a paying user..
  2. As long as you are working in rtf type of node you can create links to other rtf notes, and even to plain text note. But not from within plain text note. Has nothing to do with being a cloud service. DTPO links are stored within a DTPO database. If you sync the database to another machine running DTPO, the same links wil work.
  3. Hi, would it be possible to allow to link to Devonthink items? As you surely know, Devonthink integrates with Evernote. It would be very helpful to have link back between EN and DTPO working.
  4. Hi, Working accross win 7, os x 10.6 and 10.9 (+ iOS and Android). I'm a multitab browser user and looking for easy ways to 'save' multiple or single tab URL's to EN. => On windows I can just highlight the url in the browser - then drag and drop it to EN. A new note will be created with just the URL as a bookmark. I can't seem to do this using OS X? Is there anything I'm missing? (I realize there's services and scripts, but just draging and dropping a url should not be so hard?) Thanks for your help!
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