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  1. Once we used the alphabet to find words and titles. It was once a grand achievement of humanity itself enabling categorization of words. You can bring this back. Some things, like the wheel on land vehicles over higher friction surfaces, we shouldn't change. Please when I type the exact title in the search box try making that the main selection criteria. This would enable half way intelligent humans to use your product without callouses from hand slapping one's own face. BRING BACK THE ALPHABET EVERNOTE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Why would one wan to do such a thing? I know the answer. You must say a secret chat when the crow fly's at midnight while rubbing your belly and dancing in a circle and THEN you will be able to ADD TAGS!!! I mean, like DUHHHHH!!!!!
  3. Just the FACT that users have to do a google search on HOW TO ADD A SIMPLE THING SUCH AS A TAG is RIDICULOUS!!!!! Make things simple!!!!! Make simple functions VISIBLE AND EASY!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT PART OF THIS ISN'T COMMON SENSE???????????? Do all programmers go to the same school that explains how hiding and making simple functions should be hidden and complex to do??????? Where in the WORLD are you hiring your programmers??????? I can't add a tag!!!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!! I have no tag editor. Here is the recommendation of th
  4. Good I reported you for your incompetence. Hopefully you will be demoted from 'guru' since you are far from a 'guru'. I have no such set up on MY MAC! This is obviously a software problem just like I said. I have NOTHING like the view you do. There are NO such options with MY EVERNOTE! Which means EVERNOTE has different ways of accessing NOTEBOOKS and not ALL of them have the OPTION for public link. Which would mean the FAILURE is with EVERNOTE to have consistency between functions in various modes of their own software. What's the difference? I don't have a clue. But I'm not a fake
  5. here is the sequence which is OBVIOUS that NEVER sends to the email I'm sending to! As well as the actual SENT note! I don't give a ***** what you say. I'm following the sequence. I'm using the same software as you. You are either lying through your teeth about this working for you or there is a secret section of NSA that doesn't want me sharing the truth about mutilating the genitals of little baby boys in Amerika.
  6. Yes every software on the planet works perfectly because other users use it. Sorry I guess I'm the only one of 200M people who have used this function only to find out it DOESN'T work. What should I PERSONALLY do about that? Be like the other 199M people who use this software yet can't share and say NOTHING? I'll show you exactly what I'm doing. Here is a right click which DTLow said was the oh so 'obvious' way to share a notebook. Doesn't work. Nor does it even show anywhere close to DTLow screen shot which they never explained.
  7. No because functions don't WORK for me. If it works for you and doesn't work for me please tell me how that happens. The only possibility is hotmail and yahoo block all emails from Evernote which would make Evernote a worthless piece of ***** to me. Here are sent files with multiple efforts and my inbox for the same email. I'm not making this up. IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!
  8. Ok can you direct me to the page where someone can't share a NOTEBOOK? Right click? How does one right click on an iPhone? Why is this not listed with the share button?????? I'm I the only person that thinks software should have some sense of logic and common sense? AND NOT IT DOESN'T WORK FOR A RIGHT CLICK EITHER! But this is such a fun conversation about what should be as simple as tying ONE'S SHOES!!!!!!! My GOD the reason this idiot companies get away with this ***** is because you all just accept such stupidity! You think it's fine that I got to learn some Wicken spell b
  9. Huh? I'm trying to share a notebook. Source URL? I still dont know how you got there. This should be like send for an email. Not hidden in some unconnected card view, expanded view, side list view. Seriously? You don't see the problem with this?
  10. Where do I find the public link? I've pressed every potential option available. No public link.
  11. Ok so maybe the public link option isn't avail unless I'm a paid member?
  12. Link to copy and paste would be sooooooooo simple and soooooooo obviously valuable. And would vastly increase Evernote users. Is this toooooo much not so common common sense? Yes? I thought so.
  13. You hit the share button. Type in email and hit send. It says in Evernote where it lets you know it is sent, 'Take a loot at this notebook.' Where along this chain of events am I ***** up? Why is there no simple weblink I can copy and paste? This is forehead slapping stupid.
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