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  1. Currently 14.8 iPad Pro (12.9), 3rd generation 213.6 MB I've done this several times now. I believe I have always removed the app from the Home Screen. I have sometime switched the iPad off/on (including the most recent attempt), but not always. If "forced restart" is different from "turning off and on again," then I don't know how to do that.
  2. For about the last six months, every time I login to Evernote on my iPad, I get a brief glimpse of the Home screen, then it goes black and won’t do anything from there. This has remained true though multiple de-installations and installations and multiple updates of both EN and iPadOS. I contact support periodically, but just keep getting a seemingly automated message that they’re checking with engineering, then eventually they mark the ticket as solved, even though they haven’t done anything.
  3. I really like "Home" so I'm glad it's come to iOS, but it leads to a black screen every time I open it on my iPad. Yes, I've loaded 10.8.2 (several times). Yes, I tried the "work-around" in the other thread. Are you going to fix this or have you already moved on?
  4. It was just crashing for me, then when I did all the workarounds and updated to 10.8.2 I got exactly this result. iPhone is fine, but iPad goes to black screen every time I open the app.
  5. For (at least) weeks, the EN on my iPad crashes nearly every time I try to do a search. I keep both app and OS updated; I’ve deleted and re-installed the app; and I’ve shut down and re-started. Nothing helps. Can anything be done here?
  6. Let me add my name as one more person who finds this a real problem. Please, please reconnect to Preview.
  7. I have 10.1.1 and 3.1 and I still have two problems: 1) Searches always come up with no results as other people have said. 2) Note refresh is broken. When I try to retrieve a note, sometimes I get the latest version, sometimes I get the one before the last edit, and sometimes I get the version from the very first time I opened that note on my watch.
  8. My (likely weak) understanding from another thread that's being conducted in Spanish is that they still haven't re-written the app for watch OS3.
  9. I can't get this to work. It just draws a blob. But there's no manual, so I don't really know what "long press" or "writing mode" mean.
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