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  1. I actually like the new version and its look.

    But I also feel the pain of Power users that used Evernote to the max and now their workflow is damaged / gone / changed.

    The good thing is that the updated are coming fast.

    Also, Evernote team should be more open about roadmap. Color tagging was used by me a little bit, but it seems that some folks used it in a big way.


    I had similar experience few years ago when workplace Outlook database was migrated and i lost all my tags. 

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  2. I got the same error.

    I contacted support and they offered to unsubscribe from public notebook called "GTD" (Evernote published on their website).

    Ok, that helped for one day and after that the error returned. The new answer from support is that there is a bug and i should wait. 

    Here is the official answer:


    evernote reply.PNG

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