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  1. @TerminalThe link says it's unavailable. Is this a video I can watch anywhere else? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, this is a new concept for me in Evernote. @Atif 's design is amazing! I just can't figure out how to accomplish that look, let alone that layout! I have used EN for many years but have also struggled to make in an everyday tool because of the features it lacks at times, but seeing some of these customizable looks makes me think maybe I just didn't know you could do certain things, or that you could accomplish certain looks! Is there a HOW-TO somewhere out there that can walk someone through a design as comprehensive as @Atif?
  3. Not a fix, but a workaround. After you paste and get the blue link, and hit Enter to get the next bullet point, when you type one character, which shows up blue, then Backspace, the attribute clears back to normal. I discovered this recently. It's super annoying, but it saves having to highlight your text and change the font formatting.
  4. Just to expand on why I would find this capability super useful. I take notes for work about projects and site walks. I like my notes to be well organized and look good because when I am done with them I like to be able to print them out to include them in the hard-copy fold that lives with each project and opportunity. By having the H1, H2, and H3 type headings available I could keep my note taking in Evernote without having to open Word. In Evernote, you can create your own version of the heading sizes by applying Bold, and increase the size of the font, so it's not the end of the world, but it would be good to have for the speed of use. Now, I do use Word for my master note sheet, then drag and drop the Word doc into a note in Evernote. This is fine, it's just an extra step and I have the risk of versioning since there is also a version living on our local server. I would still like to see more Wordprocessing style features incorporated into Evernote. It has the opportunity to be a great application for creating documents. Evernote also needs to fix the print formatting, but that's another conversation.
  5. I was able to get this resolved. In iOS, go to Settings>Contacts>Default Account Be sure to set it to iCloud. If it's on an Exchange account or GSuite account, it just simply will not show up in your contacts when you sync a business card to your contacts. This fixed my issue.
  6. Hello, Evernote peeps! Long time user, first-time discussion poster. I use the business card scanning feature a lot, and love it! I somewhat recently noticed that the contacts were not syncing to my contacts on my phone like they used to. I have tried to force the sync, I have tried turning the feature off then back on, and I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, and still nothing! The app responds and tells me it has synced contacts, and in the settings, everything is set up properly. I have access granted to contact from Evernote... and I have searched the web high and low for someone else with this problem, and I think I am all alone. I need help. I will be at a conference in a couple of weeks and really would like this feature fully functional by then. Any input, feedback, suggestions would be great. PS: I did upgrade to iOS 11, and have the first update already. I am also a premium user.
  7. I have noticed this when copying text from Evernote to Wordpress. I expect the formatting to remain, especially if I work hard at making it look right for my post, then when I paste it into Wordpress all formatting is gone. It defeats the purpose of using Evernote at all. I end up using Word at times, but then it is less convenient to share. This fix would be super helpful and make it easier to pitch to creative teams to use.
  8. I think this would be great! I do try to use Evernote as a dedicated space for blog writing and would do more with it if it offered more. Having formatted header tags would be great. Word count would be fantastic and is almost mandatory! Proper print formatting would be super nice for the times you have to print something you create in Evernote, even saving as a PDF (I don't like the info header it puts on there). Evernote would be a great go-to program for writing and drafting if it only had the necessary features to make it a pleasant experience. Otherwise, I am using Google Docs or Word... I don't like having so many formats to shuffle between.
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