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  1. I meant: Have many users requested to be able to insert emojis (and not to turn them off). Disabling auto-formatting is a workaround but not something I want to because I like to insert e.g. a line or a bullet list with the known shortcuts. But it seems that I have to deactivate it completely. Some more options in Evernote would make everybody happy. The emoji hater and the fans.... Shouldn't be too hard to implement IMO.
  2. Thanks for the hint. This is not really something I need - Emoji auto-formatting... I am using Emojis when I communicate with somebody else, but I do not need it within my own notes (I am not schizophrenic). An I do not need them when sharing a note, too. Therefore there should be an option to turn off Emoji auto-formatting completely when not using Evernote in teams. Anyway: Emojis seem not to function very well in Windows. Attached a screenshot. If I had at least seen the result of the auto-formatting correctly I would not have asked here for the meaning of 'D:'. BTW Really useful features as e. g. different highlighter colors I am missing in Evernote since years. But something completely superfluous as Emojis is being implemented. Have many users asked for something like that?
  3. Today I discovered the result of an input of 'D: '. Here is an example: d: abc 😧 abc (this is the result of 'D: abc'!) What is the sense of this special character , and why is D: beeing substituted through it? Thanks for any hint. Edit: Explanation why I asked this question: I am not seeing the Emoji on the second line in Windows Chrome nor in Evernote. But it's visible on my mobile phone (Android, Chrome).
  4. That's very normal for Evernote. I waited for the same time when I started to use the enumeration format in EN and noticed that there were tons of bugs. But then... - after a long while - they corrected it. But ok, I cannot demand anything because I don't pay anything. I only pay for products which are nearly bugfree, provide a certain amount of features and react to customers. (Hard to find, I have to admit.) I hope that EN will change in regard to those three aspects.
  5. I cannot confirm this. Evernote works as expected. (Windows 10 b1709, EN Thorsten
  6. I experienced this bug only in a shared notebook. When I disabled sharing, the 'cursor jumping' stopped. (Evernote for Windows,
  7. Hello Keisoko, that's it! Thank you for the solution! I had several looks on the options before I posted here but obviously I overlooked (or did not understand) this special 'Navigation' option. Don't know why this option is not selected by default because it makes sense for most people (IMHO). Thorsten
  8. This would be a workaround, but IMO this is not a very convenient one. A huge notebook list under a certain stack would look quite strange with the 'stack prefix'. Personal | Personal-Health | Personal-Films | Personal-Ideas | Personal-Music | Personal-Tennis | Personal-Windsurfing |...
  9. Yes, with the search command e.g. notebook:"Shops" I immediately see the list of all notes of the notebook 'Shops'. But this is not the point. My objective is to FIND the notebook in my list of stacks. I really don't know where the notebook 'Shops' is located. Is it located in the collapsed stack 'private' or is it located in the collapsed stack 'hardware'? I'd like to jump to the found notebook 'Shops', and the stack should be 'uncollapsed' at this location.
  10. When using the 'assisted search' option a short link list with the notebooks is being displayed above the result pane, e.g.: "Found notes with 'searchterm' in notebooks MyNotebook1, YetAnotherNotebook2" If those notebooks are visible in the navigation pane one could click on the notebooks links stated above and the respective notebook is being selected/highlighted in the left tree. This works also if those notebooks are organized in stacks - but only, if those stacks are not collapsed. When the stacks are collapsed there happens nothing if I click on the notebook links. This is a problem for me because I have all my notebooks organized within stacks. If I am searching for a search term it happens very often that I have to look manually in every stack to find the appropriate notebook where the result note is located. Is there another method to find the correct stack/notebook which I am not aware of? Thanks for any help! Perhaps this is a feature request, but I'd like to be sure first that it won't work somehow. Thorsten
  11. I have/had the same problem. It's caused by the default font size and the windows display settings. In my case I had 125 % scale in Windows (10), and a default font size in Evernote of 10 px. In my case, changing the default font size to 11 px fixes the problem of pasted text. See the following thread for problems with font size 10 px: Problems with font size 10 Thorsten
  12. Thanks for clarifying the terminology. But: "Whoever registers first, wins" - seems not to work. I startet Thinkpad Fan Control manually after starting Evernote (same user account). The hotkey blocks immediately the accelerator in Evernote. Thorsten
  13. No. "Thinkpad Fan Control" ist not a product from Lenovo. And of course I could deactivate it to get around this issue. http://www.tpfancontrol.com/ BTW The hotkeys for e.g. bullet enumeration Shift-Ctrl-B cannot be changed inside Evernote as you suggested. Only a few system hotkeys can be changed. It would be quite more comfortable it it would be possible to change every hotkey.
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