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  1. I've growing addiction to evernote for it's ability to increase my productivity and so far I could only see one thing that's missing which is Selective - Sync... only because of this reason I had to use webclient time to time. which is annoying to my productivity and performance along with it my hard disk free space. I'm a windows 10 user for evernote and I need this feature as early as possible. Thanks, Sudhir.
  2. HI I couldn't find any featurerequests for specifically windows client. All I could see is for Mac OS. Can you share link here so I can vote there.?
  3. Hi, I had started a thread very long back for selective sync for evernote desktop client but I couldn't find it again here. So I am starting this new thread. I use Evernote for Everything that happens in my life and utilize all its features its been several months I stopped using all other cloud storage providers. The Only BIG PROBLEM I'm facing with evernote is the lack of Selective-Sync for Evernote Desktop client for Windows OS. I think there was a thread for mac as well I am not sure if anyone started for Windows OS. We also have same problem and I don't want all my s
  4. Hi Phills, Actually it was my mistake I was using wrong devtoken so I got wrong number of notebooks. Also can you tell me if Evernote has API reference for C# dotnet development. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find it on google. Can you share me a link if you have one. Thanks, Sudhir.
  5. Hello All, Thanks for your response. I was able to access Evernote from my C# application now. I noticed that SDK is not pulling all the notebooks by ListBooks() method I could see that it's pulling 19 notebooks instead of all of them. Can you please let me know what should I do to retrieve all notebooks. Thanks, Sudhir.
  6. Hi All, I was looking for a sample C Sharp application for integrating evernote into my application but I could not find proper documentation or any resource to start developing using evernote. can any one post here the relevant links so I could start from scratch integrating evernote into my windows app? I tried GitHub - Evernote SDK it's instructions are no longer valid I couldn't find the classes or methods that were specified in Readme.md & and also the Getting started guide as well. Please share the links if you have any other than the ones
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