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  1. I've growing addiction to evernote for it's ability to increase my productivity and so far I could only see one thing that's missing which is Selective - Sync... only because of this reason I had to use webclient time to time. which is annoying to my productivity and performance along with it my hard disk free space. I'm a windows 10 user for evernote and I need this feature as early as possible. Thanks, Sudhir.
  2. HI I couldn't find any featurerequests for specifically windows client. All I could see is for Mac OS. Can you share link here so I can vote there.?
  3. Hi, I had started a thread very long back for selective sync for evernote desktop client but I couldn't find it again here. So I am starting this new thread. I use Evernote for Everything that happens in my life and utilize all its features its been several months I stopped using all other cloud storage providers. The Only BIG PROBLEM I'm facing with evernote is the lack of Selective-Sync for Evernote Desktop client for Windows OS. I think there was a thread for mac as well I am not sure if anyone started for Windows OS. We also have same problem and I don't want all my stuff downloaded to computer eating all my storage. I'd like bring this one more time. I've STOPPED using evernote desktop for this only reason. Please make this high priority before this issue impacts all users of evernote. Hi All other evernote users please vote up on this topic if you are facing same problem so Evernote can prioritize a fix for this. Thanks, Sudhir.
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