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  1. I meant clicking on headers could collapse the section below. Thereba you could structure your note by headers and collapse each one or expand it or select the level of headers, just like an outliner or the word functipn
  2. We have this CMD-J feature for very quickly do a search in evernote (or switch). If the CMD-K (insert Link) would be organized similarly, it would be perfect. Think of: During typing you pres CMD-K and get a list including recently visited webpages and search vor evernote notes - so just insert the link... Should be possible easily in Desktop Versions and makeable in mobile versions.
  3. I would propose to combine this feature with styles/markdown. If your implement Heading Styles, there could be a automatic possibility to collapse the respective section. Could be similar as document structure view in Word and very very helpful to organize long notes.
  4. There is a Bug when inserting Sketch/Handwriting: it gets created at the end of page automatically, regardless of cursor position. This is a pitty, as I need to insert notes at certain positions in a template. Please correct quickly!
  5. In new version - congratulations by the way - there seems to be a nasty bug annoying for me: Adding handnotes via sketch enters sketching at the end of the note - this is a big problem, as I insert notes everywhere in a note- template. Circumvent by cut and paste. Please fix quickly
  6. I sometimes habe long notes. If we got markdown or styles an imdex function inserting an index composed of headlines and anchors to jump there would be helpful. I know, i could split up to several notes, but I dont want to...
  7. I heavily use ipad pro and pen. As I share my notes with employees and bureau, encryption is very important in every other note for personal comments. Would be great to habe encryption on ipad AND encryption for handwritten and images! Also kind of "private section" not shared with note would be sufficient.
  8. Please take pdf expert as template. Pdf Annotation is sensational. I regularly use it for board sessions etc. Minimum is: - highliting text, strike out, color marker - handwritten annotation - insert pages in pdf (for extended notes) Also for notetaking miltiple pages woild be helpful.
  9. PLEASE: Just add a zoom box for proper handwriting to the sketching tool - you did a great job with sketching, but note taking is the topic; without zoom box it is useless on ipad mini...
  10. I really appreciate sketching in iPad version. But I still miss the zoom box! I take Evernote as Notetaking together with PenUltimate, but this is too limited. Just add a zoombox to sketching tool and we would be able to throw away our paper notes!
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