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  1. I meant clicking on headers could collapse the section below. Thereba you could structure your note by headers and collapse each one or expand it or select the level of headers, just like an outliner or the word functipn
  2. We have this CMD-J feature for very quickly do a search in evernote (or switch). If the CMD-K (insert Link) would be organized similarly, it would be perfect. Think of: During typing you pres CMD-K and get a list including recently visited webpages and search vor evernote notes - so just insert the link... Should be possible easily in Desktop Versions and makeable in mobile versions.
  3. I would propose to combine this feature with styles/markdown. If your implement Heading Styles, there could be a automatic possibility to collapse the respective section. Could be similar as document structure view in Word and very very helpful to organize long notes.
  4. i have had no crashes on ipad, just to drop here...
  5. There is a Bug when inserting Sketch/Handwriting: it gets created at the end of page automatically, regardless of cursor position. This is a pitty, as I need to insert notes at certain positions in a template. Please correct quickly!
  6. In new version - congratulations by the way - there seems to be a nasty bug annoying for me: Adding handnotes via sketch enters sketching at the end of the note - this is a big problem, as I insert notes everywhere in a note- template. Circumvent by cut and paste. Please fix quickly
  7. Technically there may be no difference. Optically a flag is a colored sign symbolized by a tiny flag or point and highlighting a note, while a tag is a piece of text. What I needed is somerhing like in email - a dedicated column for color flags to hughlight some notes ir prioritize it - not for searching but to have an optical hint un a long list
  8. Technically there may be no difference. Optically a flag is a colored sign symbolized by a tiny flag or point and highlighting a note, while a tag is a piece of text.
  9. I stromgly appreciate presentation mode. But to use it properly I would urgently need private sections. Ome should be able to mark, which lines should be presented and which not. I prepare for sessions putting material, graphics, notes, links and so on together. So I have one master file for a meeting. I like to present some parts, but my strategic notes should not be viewed. So if I could mark one part as public and navigating to anothet would render screen black (please give me presentation mode on ipad), it would be perfect. Moreover, in presentation mode, there should be editing features. There is no other software providing possibility to write on screen protocolls.
  10. I sometimes habe long notes. If we got markdown or styles an imdex function inserting an index composed of headlines and anchors to jump there would be helpful. I know, i could split up to several notes, but I dont want to...
  11. Please introduce the possibility of coloured flags. Yes I know there are tags, but I use this for tagging, not flagging. Flags for me are an additional order primciple. Coloured flags and starrijg feature greatly would i,prove experience and should cost not much efforts to introduce.
  12. could use ebernote as lab book or business journal much better with mini spreasheet
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