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  1. which is COMPLETELY USELESS and sucks. You will neber have nested keywords where ALL apply, completely unlogic
  2. Nice idea, but this should be an on-board function for a really good notetaking program...
  3. This is an unloig and nasty behavior. Child tags are only useful in hierarchic surrounding. A tag should include its child-tags with OR not with AND!
  4. What we need is more markdown. Let us define our own scripts or shortcuts or markdown. Evernote is great for just writing, writing writing and get superb representation. I would like to type #r# to get red text on, #y# for yellow marked text. AND: Please let us use the control strip on mac!
  5. I oftenly link notes to other notes while writing. I think of another note and would need the link immediately. So please give me a shortcut for insert internal link with a direct search-pop-up. Let's say upon CMD-F while in editing mode a window pops up with search, a filtered list of snippets appears, I can select, press return, and whoom, the internal link gets inserted. Better than context!
  6. It is a great development, that headline formats exist. Now we need to be able to save our own formats in this menu. It would be great, if we could have mark-down tags for this. E.g. I like to mark cites in my textes with grey marker. I would define this as a format and like to write markdown ++this ist the cite++. Also the WORD-Standards with ** for bold and __ for italic text would be great.
  7. Nested tags are not working in a logical way. If you have a tag A and nested A.1 and A.2 I would expect filtering for tag A also delivers notes with A.1 and A.2 as well as A. What evernote does is, if I click on tag A for filtering, an AND-search adding all tags below A. But his should be an OR search. As it is it is useless and unlogic if you are used to hierarchies and nested elements.
  8. I see your point but would prefer a separate "insert section function", because sections and headlines is not the same. I might have a document with two main sections from different dates / topic streams and still need differenct headlines inside.
  9. IN the mac app the keyboard shortcut option-CMD-F does not work. Even the menu item find note does not work. Only the symbol works.
  10. PDF annotation is still trash. Please have a look to pdf expert or others. We would need a full featured pdf tool to integrate EN with uncountable documents.
  11. I suggested this some versions ago. I like to take long notices to various topics. It would be very helpful, if there were a expand/collapse feature to have sections in the document, which could be easily expanded or collapsed. Can't be that complicated but would help a lot. Even more, if it would be hierarchic, like an Outliner. Please consider to maker EN perfect.
  12. In the old version of Evernote I could press OPTION on mac with second click and access an link to the app to use in other apps (as 2do). Now I just can get the "internal link", which opens evernote in browser - which i do not want. I need a possibility to generate an evernote::// link again.
  13. Sorry, I can't find any shortcuts for headers and the list seems to be the old one. Also no markdown for headers...
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