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  1. Although I really like Penultimate to create and maintain notes using my Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro, I am now realizing with disappointment that the managers and developers of Evernote are not progressing quickly to improve their company's Penultimate product. Many people download content as a PDF with a space to write notes or have extra lines or blanks to write answers to questions contained on their PDF forms. In addition, many users already have Apple Pencils to write comments, notes, etc. to enhance or supplement the content on their PDFs. The problem is they have to do this separately from the PDF (i.e., workbooks, worksheets, memos, etc.) they've downloaded. Penultimate does not allow users to efficiently import PDFs directly into this app. The Evernote management, I am certain, knows this. Since Evernote acquired Penultimate way back in 2012, I am unhappy and frustrated with the fact that they have not taken steps in a timely fashion to address this need (that I am aware of). The Evernote management has, however, recently informed all of us of a fee increase for Evernote which only adds to this frustration. :-| Can you give us a timetable or a hint that there is some hope of having an efficient import feature coming very, very soon for Penultimate? And maybe, the Evernote management team could increase our monthly allocations at no additional cost to accommodate the PDF imports? I'm just asking...
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