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  1. One further point of confusion from the Help website referenced by kaleid: Tips for Evernote for Mac, Windows, and Web You can turn a number of existing items into a checklist by simply highlighting the list, then selecting the checkbox button. So, if you want to create a "checklist" you select the "checkbox" button? One would think that if you choose a checkbox button you will wind up with a checkbox list!
  2. OK, I understand. Then, how does one make a list with opted checkboxes in which, when the box is checked, there is NO strikethrough (as compared to a checklist where the strikethrough would appear when the box is checked)? It seems that the EN update does not offer the former format.
  3. Perhaps I missed something but what is the purpose of having a strikethrough AND a check box? If an item is "completed" and checked off why do we also need to have it show with a strikethrough?
  4. Thanks a bunch. I did not realize that this was a Windows forum so sorry. Will head over to the Mac if I can find it and see what they say.
  5. Thanks for this but I've searched and there is only one version on my Mac and no Windows type shortcuts so not sure if it will work. For now I have removed it and downloaded the app version from the website again so will see what happens. I hope a Mac user will let me know if there are any other tricks I can try.
  6. This is also happening on the Mac version. Can anyone using a Mac please help me to fix this.
  7. This was posted by someone previously as noted below. I am having the same problem. It's annoying so I respectfully request that someone look into it and fix. Thanks. Crashes for me every time I quit now. QA?? macOS 10.12.6 (16G29) - EN 6.12 (455415 Direct) I assume I can't just "roll back" to 6.11 because my database was updated and re-indexed when I first launched. So I am stuck with a crash on every quit now.
  8. I would like to have a backup of all of my notebooks and notes. I know that I can backup one note at a time. Is it possible to backup (export) all of my notebooks and notes at once to an external drive or to Dropbox?
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