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  1. The fact that it's not a universal issue is irrelevant - it's a consistent issue that is well documented and has affected many users for the past 19 months. Here's some conclusions we can draw from evidence: There was a version of Evernote in which this was not an issue. Now it is. This suggests this is a problem with the client, and not people's hardware. There is a current workaround that severs Evernote's connection to the internet, and many people in the thread I linked in my above post have reported that this solves the slowdown issue, once again suggesting this is a problem with the client. I can consistently edit and render large files on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects on my computer, both of which should be more intensive actions than opening a note in Evernote, yet the former causes no lag or slowdown, and the latter does. Just how much juice does a notetaking app need? The slowdown issues are not present on the Mac client, so unless they are vastly different software for some reason, it seems this is a bug in the Windows client of Evernote in particular. All of the above is why I describe anyone's attempts at trying to scapegoat an affected person's machine in respect to this issue as a "con." The fact that EN is constantly full of bugs and every new update seems to bring new ones also leads me to have little faith that this is anything but a client issue. As for why I posted it in multiple threads, the fact that it's been 19 months and there's not even been a peep from Evernote staff about the issue is disgraceful. Several people have reported that EN has been rendered unusable to them because of this issue, yet the priority seems to fall to frivolous things like emoji support. My posting in multiple threads is simply to draw attention to this issue, and EN's lack of response. It helps the community at large because it draws attention to the problem, and if it is ignored, it draws attention to how EN chooses to handle user concerns. People can draw their own conclusions after that, but I frankly expect more from a service I pay for. Your comment, on the other hand, seems to be trying to detract me from mentioning an issue that has affected many users, and keeping quiet about bugs not only doesn't help the community at large, it negatively affects it. Yes, you are fortunate that it doesn't affect you, but just because you aren't affected doesn't change the fact that many users are.
  2. This is still an extremely problematic issue and has been for at least 19 months... This is a less problematic one, but still should have been fixed by now, it's been 8 months!
  3. Thought I'd bump this up since it's been literally almost 19 months and this is still an issue.
  4. This is an issue that's been around and ignored since at least January 2017. Evernote is a joke.
  5. This has been an issue for a year and a half at least. Don't let anyone con you into thinking it's an issue with your computer, internet, or anything else - it's purely the Evernote client for Windows.
  6. Just updated to (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) and this is still an issue...
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately there's no option in that menu for dashes... I'm using version, I don't understand why my dashes are screwed up and yours aren't? My dashes were working fine up until the last major update... https://i.imgur.com/9COaN3W.gifv
  8. Can we have one Evernote version that doesn't ***** up really basic features? I'm now unable to use dashes because they're automatically transformed into bullet points. WHY? We have a bullet point button. We have a bullet point keyboard shortcut. Who decided this was a good idea? Evernote is now laggier than ever before, too. It now takes a second to load notes whereas previously it was instantaneous. Are you guys actually trying to make Evernote better, or are you changing things for the sake of changing them, because I can't remember the last time that there was an update that actually offered something new and positive and didn't break a bunch of other basic features, or changed the layout in some obnoxious, unnecessary way. What's even more frustrating is that it takes months and months to address bugs. The last time I posted on these forums was to complain about a bug in the last update, and that was back in August! It didn't get fixed until the most recent update! If this keeps up, I will stop using Evernote, because it's like playing roulette every update. What key basic functionality will they ***** up this time? EDIT: Bug #3 - Evernote now no longer displays the word/character/size count of a note until you make changes to it. I swear to God.
  9. Oh, I see. I misunderstood. I'll see if I can either find an installer online or have an old one still around. Thank you!
  10. Ugh, that's a bit frustrating, but thanks for the heads up. Glad I didn't go ahead and just attempt to downgrade.
  11. It's embarrassing that Evernote has these bugs when a version ago, it didn't. That's a point, actually, maybe I should be looking into downgrading rather than dealing with this beta stuff...
  12. No, I don't. I'm only interested in the beta program ATM because it's the fastest way of getting rid of flaws that were included in the most recent mainstream release.
  13. I want Paste and Match Style to work the way it did before v6.6. There was nothing wrong with it. If this is a bug, there is no reason to consider changing it apart from back to what it was before.
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