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  1. @tisme, Same problem here, can't launch web clipper seemingly because I can't login. Tried removing the extension from both Chrome and Edge, then rebooting. Reinstalling the extension in Edge (Chromium driven app, of course) and the application is remembering login. Reinstalling in Chrome and I cannot login and only get the spinning icon. At wits end on this.
  2. You can now longer directly drag (e.g., a PDF) and drop into All Notes or any other notebook or stack. EN staff, are you working on this?
  3. It's more than a little confusing how this major piece of functionality was lost with the new version! I don't recall running into the issue when trialing the betas either, but may not have tried.
  4. Since I'm on Windows 10, I seem to have fixed it by going into Task Manager (CTRL+Shift+Escape), scrolling down to the Evenote instances on the Process tab, right clicking and picking End Task. Killed them all and then restarted EN and the content came back.
  5. Thanks @agsteele!!! I had noticed the same thing moments after you posted. It's not quite the same as just closing the PDF and answering "yes" to "Do you want to save your work?", but it solves the issue of the modified PDF getting saved back into the note.
  6. Evernote 10 fails to save PDF back into the note. Earlier versions of EN used to support saving an altered PDF file back into its EN note by simply asking if you wanted to save the file and then if answered in the affirmative (yes or save) it automatically saved it back into the original note, thereby updated that note's contents. In this latest Evernote release (v 10.5.7 build 2171 running on Windows 10 64bit) following opening an embedded PDF (opened from an EN note and launching it in PDF editor, i.e., Adobe Acrobat Pro) and editing, modifying, or changing the PDF, when closing the PDF and choosing "yes" to save, the only option is to save it as a new file. This is huge PITA and defeats the purpose of major advantage to using Evernote to manage PDFs.
  7. Thanks Duane. Definitely a good relief to know what happened and why.
  8. Missing on mine too (in Chrome 65.0.3325.181). Was using it yesterday on my home laptop, and today it's missing or work computer. I checked a bunch of settings and can't see a place to turn on/off.
  9. left margin hidden

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