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  1. so thats where its gone to....as per above ...
  2. as Noodleworm said the select all - cut - Ctrl-paste works, however it removes all formatting so you are back to scratch - or doing it on sections and then reformatting those sections after to make them match the remainder of the note. Often you lose more than you gain thru this messing around -process The earlier noted workarounds are less of a blunt instrument, although they dont always deliver so we wait for the fix.
  3. Occasionally I will paste into GetDiz (like Notepad)....and if I remember the keyboard shortcut for plain text paste - however the line space / formatting issue generally remains very sad...you have Evernote execute miracles grabbing text from webpages / articles and sometimes no matter what you are stuck with non-single line spaces around some text somewhere. They have improved the table formatting options...so maybe (!) linespace options are next :-)....and it even happens in these posts if you note the unintended linespace to the next line! (Windows user)
  4. I use Evernote Web Clipper (firefox) a lot, standard procedure after clipping is: Ctrl - Spacebar Crtl - A (to select all note) ctrl - shift - m (to clear all the messy dot points and indents) it becomes automatic after a while!
  5. thankyou so much to error_prone - that workaround is brilliant (windows user) - magic indeed and a further incentive to learn the keyboard shortcuts :-) and to add my 2cents to an ancient thread - it is a bug, it really bugs me! - I thought well I will just right click the text and I will have the usual paragraph line spacing options - NO! - I thought Í would simplify the formatting - NO! - while usually making it more readable it is very unpredictable - particularly with line spacing - and can sometimes make things worse Please please please Mr and Mrs Evernote - your creation is wonderfull and gets more so every day - but such a simple fix would make the end result of your creation so much more usable!
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