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  1. okay. What i did is on my windows client: detach the pdf to the desktop; sync evernote; attach the pdf to the note again; sync evernote. After this the pdf is visibel and readable on the ipad. But still wondering why this happende. Thanks to csihilling and gazumped for your support.
  2. Okay. I have to correct my complaint. My black screen happen only for a small set of my pdf files. These files work fine on my Windows Desktop.
  3. on Android the app "WHEREvernote for Evernote" might be helpful. worked for me ...
  4. Hi there, since a couple of days i'm not able to open pdf attachments on my Ipad. Opening the pdf gives me a black blank sceen with no content (see attached file) The note itself with the pdf is usable and works fine on my windows copy and also on my android device. Any hints on this? I'm the only one in the EN universe with this? Best wishes Harald
  5. i just tested a workaround for this issue and for now it works fine for me to do this: retrieve the documents id from the webbrowser. It's like this: 22e7c98A-1b92-49fc-aad7-41b5265d6c31 concatenate the URL with https://www.evernote.com/OpenNote.action?noteGuid=<ID>&shardId=s7&userId=771138 the userid i did find in a reminder email from the evernote system. hope this helps. regards, harald
  6. yes, it works. Getting a download link in opera and file ist downloaded then opened in acrobat. Regards, HAW
  7. First of all, i really love your great products. i didn't know what i have missing in my internet-live so far before i have seen evernote. Great help for me managing my live! On my mobile device HTC Diamond i cannot read pdf documents. Clicking on a pdf-attachment starts opera browser which gives me "Oops ... Access Denied!" Whats this? How to read the pdf? Thx, Harald
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