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  1. I just tried to edit a note that had the lock icon on it. To my surprise, I was able to add to the note (insert a screenshot) and it synced successfully without the red exclamation mark warning the sync failed. So it looks like Evernote may have fixed this issue. The lock icon remained, but did not prevent me from editing the note. I am using the latest version of the Evernote Android app. Hope this is a permanent fix.
  2. I have the same "note locked" issue - very randomly occuring, but usually right after I try to add to an existing note that was syncing just fine before then. I agree with what has been said above - the message about created in another app makes no sense. Often I am "attaching" a screenshot through the paper clip icon to an existing note and it suddenly becomes locked. The locked notes are not in Trash and I cannot recreate them either by duplicating them or merging them with a "healthy" unlocked note. Duplicating just creates another locked, failed sync (red exclamation point) note. My merging attempt did not merge - it created a duplicate of the locked note and a duplicate of the healthy note. So the only thing I have to add - and this is admittedly a feeble workaround - is to take serial screenshots of the locked note's contents, then create a new note and add in the screenshots by "attaching" them using the paper clip. On Android, the screenshots are stored in your photo gallery. That gives me a "duplicate" now that syncs.
  3. I agree. The reply from Evernote is ridiculously weak. You had a clipping function that worked quite well albeit very slowly, you messed it up, and now you don't know how to restore its functionality? Huh? What did you do - fire the programmer who wrote the original software? Evernote, we are telling you this is basic, essential functionality for Evernote users. This needs to be restored to the functionality we had just a few short months ago. Please give it top priority.
  4. Got one messed up "successful" clip and now back to"clip failed". Really, Evernote?
  5. Definitely not working. Have been staring at "clipping" for 15 minutes. Was the "fix" even tested. Wouldn't have taken much to reveal the fix was flawed. This is unacceptable.
  6. I am having same problem - all clips using "share" (add to Evernote) are "clip failed" and this has not changed for me in the last few hours, as was reported by another more fortunate poster. I'm running Android 7 on Nexus 6P. Wonder if anyone running Android 8 is having this issue? Most of my clips are in Chrome. Never had this issue until about a week ago. Evernote really needs to fix this quickly. I'm doing copy and paste to get by.
  7. CalS - would you mind sharing brand & model of your old and new wireless mouse? It's an interesting theory and I'd like to test it out. I use Logitech M705 wireless mouse, and also noticed the eventual "spread" of "not responding" messages beyond just Evernote to Chrome browser tabs and even Word docs. I must admit, though, once I uninstalled Evernote from my old (non-SSD) laptop, the typing lag and "not responding" issues disappeared.
  8. I had the same issue with stalled typing on my HP laptop running Windows 7. This in addition to the "not responding" messages, which eventually became intolerable. I bought a new HP laptop with 12GB memory and 1 TB storage running Windiws 10 - no improvement. So I swapped it out for a Dell laptop running Windows 10 with a 128GB SSD drive, and both the "not responding" messages and stalled typing issues disappeared. It seems the SSD drive did the trick for me, but still it's unacceptable that these two issues using the Windows desktop client have continued for years, known to Evernote, with no real fix.
  9. I recently asked Evernote tech support if there were any plans to offer a true Chromebook EN app, rather than the present version, which is basically the Android app. I was told my suggestion would be passed on, but no plans at this time, so that means no "merge notes" or "add tags" features like those offered on Windows Desktop app. Also screen resolution not optimized for Chromebook. I returned the Chromebook because without these features, it cannot replace my laptop. I hope Evernote will consider a true Chromebook app with these features. I find them invaluable.
  10. Gazumped - thank you for the suggestions which I will try. I am seeing the "not responding" message on my new Windows 10 laptop as well, so it seems more a global Windows issue than specific to Windows 7. Is it correct that SSD drives and/or Macbooks don't have this issue? Also wondering would the "Optimize Database" selection under <control-Help> be something to try first? What does this do? I have created a trouble ticket, so waiting to hear from EN support. I will post their comments when I hear back from them. If they would just add a few more features to the Chromebook Evernote app like "merge notes" and "add tags", I would be happy to go that route. You mentioned "local notebooks" and I do have several, so how would this affect making the backup copy of my database folder? How would I get them back into my new Evernote after a reinstall? At the end of your response (above) you write "At the bottom of the window tick 'show advanced options' then go to" but rest of this sentence is missing -- can you resend this.... Thank you.
  11. I continue to get “not responding” messages when attempting to sync Evernote using Windows 7 Home Premium and now on my brand new HP Windows 10 laptop. Evernote hangs with “not responding” message on syncing for unacceptable length of time -- increasingly longer and longer over the past few years -- often 10 minutes or more at a time. I have searched the internet and Evernote forums and there is little help for this problem, plus a post by Evernote team member that it is a known Evernote issue -- this post several years old. I bought a new HP Windows laptop running Windows 10 with 12 GB memory and 1 TB storage in the hopes that this problem would be eliminated, but almost immediately it started giving me the "not responding" message again. I do not have syncing issues on my Android smartphone Evernote app or my iPhone 5 Evernote app, only using Windows client, but it has been years and this has not been fixed. The “not responding” times get longer and longer. The "help" given is contradictory -- some say registry issues, but others dispute this is the solution. I spent a lot of money on a new laptop for the sole purpose of fixing this, and now I am stuck with a brand new computer and the same problem. I was literally spending hours each day waiting for Evernote to start responding during syncs or even when writing new notes. It’s impossible to continue this way. I tried a Chromebook -- response was great – no “not responding” messages, but the Evernote Chromebook “app” did not offer features I use frequently that are on the Windows desktop app like "tag notes". Same issue when using evennote.com – no “tag notes” feature. Also very difficult to scan and print from Chromebooks, so cannot make this my main computer. Macbooks are too expensive for me. This has been documented as going on for years with an admission from Evernote that it is a known problem and still no fix. Has anyone had this problem and successfully fixed it?
  12. I don't use Evernote web very often, but I notice that it offers to sign you in at most for only 30 days.
  13. The only options available on the Samsung Chromebook for Evernote Web were the current version or the Beta, nothing earlier. After reading a lengthy (spanning two years) thread about scanners not connecting to Chromebooks successfully, I decided these were obstacles I could not accept, so I returned it this evening. Very sad because it was so nice in all other respects. Thank you for the help -- greatly appreciated.
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