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  1. Just updated. 1. Is this user profile picture necessary? Perhaps for Evernote Business users that they can easily toggle between accounts, but that doesn't apply to most of your user base. Could we have a way to toggle this (Like we can toggle everything else on the left bar)? I don't need a picture of myself constantly in the top left corner. 2. What is up with the massive username right next to a low-res user icon. It sometimes displays my name and other times the name of the folder -- with no obvious reason. This is such a great service, please put some more love and care into these releases.
  2. Hi, I'm finding the new tables very frustrating when moving between different screen sizes. For example, at home I work off a 27" Monitor plugged into my Mac. I created a table on this screen and set it to 'match note width'. When I opened the same note on my laptop screen today I now need to scroll from left to right to see all of the content in the table. Can 'match note width' rather set to 100% width of the current note size? Oh and also, using --- no longer sets a line across the table. Using code blocks and --- were some of my fav features of Evernote tables and they are broken now.
  3. Hey, love the update! One bug is that you cannot insert code blocks into the new tables.
  4. Never knew about this. Thanks, have just used it!
  5. Thanks Jefito, this works perfectly! I still think there should be a feature for this, but this will do until then!
  6. Is Scannable slowly being left out to die? Haven't seen an update in forever, and it's an amazing app!
  7. Yes, but I like having my notes ordered by date added. What you are suggesting will bring anarchy and chaos to my system. Thanks though.
  8. "a note rather than as an attachment on the note" -- This is perfect! the iOS pdf situation is just weird. Seriously. Having this random little rounded rectangle taking up 1/3 of the note width. On Mac, it's common to accidentally select the entire PDF and sometimes delete it by mistake, or even drag it causing the need for a re-sync of the note. +1
  9. Hey Evernote Team It would be so great to be able to pin notes to the top of a notebook. For example, I'm a student and I'd love to be able to easily refer to the study guide whenever I'm in my -- for example -- maths notebook. Using shortcuts isn't an option because this will only clutter up and shortcuts and block me from getting to stuff I actually want there. Think Spark's ability to Pin Emails to the top of the page. You got this! Jonathan
  10. Hey Guys. Love Evernote, especially for storing and editing PDFs. The issue is that Web clipper takes forever to save PDFs to Evernote. It's actually quicker for me to save the file to downloads and then copy it into Evernote. Haven't used this feature in a while because of this. You can do better! Other than this, keep up the epic work!
  11. I've been having an issue with the iOS version of the app with regard to freezing. If you have Evernote open, your phone sleeps, and then you open it again the app freezes for a few seconds -- during these few seconds I can tap wildly and nothing will happen. This issue is happening on both on an iPhone 7 and an iPad Air. It's frustrating because I don't want to keep my screen on all the time, and the delay can stifle my ability to open notes quickly. Love the app, all the best!
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