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  1. I would but I'm no longer a Premium User and can't submit a ticket on Basic.
  2. Following up on this, I also used EverNote Web to delete notes and found that this showed an incomplete note in Trash that will not fully delete so this may be part of the problem.
  3. I also have a bug around the Trash Notebook. If I create a note on my Mac and sync so it shows on my iPhone and then delete it on my iPhone and sync, it shows in the Trash on my Mac and a Trash Notebook appears on my iPhone where I can then delete it and sync so it also goes from my Mac. If I create a note on my iPhone and sync so it appears on my Mac, and then delete it on my iPhone and sync, then it disappears but there is no Trash Notebook on my iPhone and the note disappears from my Mac but is not in the Mac Trash either. So notes deleted in 8.0 on iOS disappear immediately.
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