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  1. @TCROWN68 - not that Evenote would ever care, sadly...
  2. +1 This is absolutely annoying and has stopped me from using Evernotes to read document
  3. +1 Anchoring is such an important, basic feature. Please implement!
  4. Evernotes team - with all due respect, it has been 5 years now... Why can't some developer brain power be used for such a simple but powerful feature, instead of wasting it for - frankly - useless stuff a lá work chat? This is a must have, seriously. Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Is there any way to easily reorder bullet point lists? In MS Word, it is a super-simple Shortcut - Shift+Alt+Arrow Up to move a bullet point up by one instance. Is there anything similar in Evernotes? Otherwise, PLEASE implement, this is a major productivity killer otherwise. Many thanks in advance.
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