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  1. App crashes after login or only white screen appears on Samsung A31. Solution didn't work.
  2. Evernote from windows store has slightly smaller icon than the version that is downloaded directly. I would suggest using the one of full size.
  3. EN 10.1 still does spell checking. This is also a problem when users are writing in multiple languages, like in coding when English is combined with the native language. So, I would really suggest an option of disabling it, instead of making it to show when the written language is different from the OS language.
  4. It is a bit annoying for non-English speakers to see the red line below every word. So please add this option.
  5. I think that you should keep Plus subscribtion, but maybe to make the price lower if you want to attract more users from Basic. I think that Premium is too much expensive when it's compared to alternatives, so I don't think that this move will attract more users from Basic or Plus to switch to Premium.
  6. I have the same problem as well after the update of Chrome and also in Firefox it works fine.
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