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  1. I'm just going to confirm that I'm still having this behavior. It's been happening consistently for more than three months since I first reported it, but I first noticed it happening as far back as last spring or even earlier. Several have experienced the bug here, and I'm sure others are experiencing it but not reporting it. How many just stop using the product because it continues to have a crippling bug for going on a year now? This does not inspire confidence in the product over the long term.
  2. Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place to post this, if not please let me know. Is there a known issue with the notebook list in the web interface when using Chrome? I checked google but couldn't find anything other than references to issues with the web clipper. I've experienced a bizarre problem for several months now (can't recall when it started but it's been quite a while) and it has caused me to really cut back on using Evernote. In fact I dropped my premium subscription entirely because I found myself not using it very much as a result. Which is a shame because I like the product. Basically what is happening is when I scroll down in the notebooks list the list will suddenly jump up and the bottom part of the list will fill with whitespace. As I scroll up and down the visible part of the list gets smaller and the whitespace gets larger. Here is a recording showing the behavior: http://recordit.co/0EdyFXlH74 This behavior occurs only in the notebook list -- the notes list and tags list both work normally. Only the notebooks list is affected. This is using Chrome 53.0.2785.143 m on Windows 10 Home, but I'm pretty sure it was happening on Windows 8.1 before that since I didn't upgrade until late July. This behavior happens even when all extensions are disabled.This behavior does not occur in the Edge browser or in Internet Explorer. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what is happening?
  3. @gazumped - Interesting, I don't spend time here but I searched and didn't find anything, maybe my search-fu was poor. I'm on If there's a later version the app store isn't showing it to me. @Chuck - It just happened again so I submitted a ticket with activity log. As far as I can tell I'm on the most current version -- I see no notification of software updates pending other than iOS 8.3 and the app store seems to say I'm up to date. In Evernote settings it says I'm on I'd say its been happening for 2-3 weeks now, my hunch is the app auto upgraded around that time and that's what introduced the bug, but I was only vaguely aware of it if it in fact changed so I didn't pay much attention to it. My frustration came fromhow the ad made it appear to me that my premium subscription had been renamed "plus" with a new premium subscription for teams. It was really frustrating to think I was being prompted to upgrade to something that is impossible for me to use. (I now know that's not what it is, just saying that's how it came across initially) Thanks!
  4. As the title says. This has been going on for maybe a couple weeks now, not sure of a specific date. I'll open Evernote on my iPhone 6 and it will pop up a full-screen ad extolling the virtues of upgrading to Premium. I'm already a Premium member, it even says so in my app settings and in my account on the website. This is a ridiculously annoying spam ad. Please turn this off. Thanks.
  5. Can someone elaborate on the "scalability" issue referenced repeatedly in this thread? Is there another thread or two discussing it in detail? Search is not working at all for me right now, it is literally never loading, but I'd really like to know more. Also, for the comment regarding non-synced files, I kind of stumbled into doing that through what I presume to be a bug. A couple of weeks ago I was nearing the end of my first month as a premium user and had only used just under 500mb, so I quickly threw in almost 500mb of PDF files that I had (tons of reference books). I did this by creating notes in the local client and attaching groups of PDFs to each note. All in all I made about 20 or so notes. But I held off on tagging them or moving them to another notebook (I use a default "inbox" notebook, can't recall if that is the normal default or not) and forgot to turn off syncing, so it synced automatically when I walked away from the computer. I didn't think anything of it (though I did turn off auto-sync at least for now) until a few days later when I sat down to tag and move the notes. Unfortunately I did this in the local Windows client, and after I was done but before it was synced it hit me that EN was flagging each note for a full re-upload. Since I did not want to use up half of my allowance again so quickly so I stopped to look for a way to "undo flagging this note for sync" (which of course does not exist, thanks EN!) and instead do the move on the server like I should have done (so it would download on the sync instead of upload and not use up half my allowance). What I ended up trying was moving the local notes into a non-synced notebook, then hitting sync to see what would happen. Turns out the notes in the non-synced notebook didn't move, and the notes on the server came down as blank notes. I deleted the blank notes and resynced, and the local notes in the non-synced notebook were still there and the ones on the server were also still there. I then deleted the local notes (all 500mb worth) and checked and voila the server notes were still there! I then tagged and moved the ones on the server the way I originally should have done, and I apparently now have a set of server-only notes. I'm pretty sure this is a bug (given how the blank notes came in during the sync) but it may be that it is a workable hack to provide this feature if needed. Of course, hacking to take advantage of a bug could backfire one day, so I can't endorse it, I can only say it worked for me. Also, I may have mixed up a step or two since it was about a week ago, so I don't recommend trying it on anything important without testing first. Maybe someone else can use it, or maybe someone will point out why it will cause a nuclear meltdown in my backyard...
  6. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I jumped back into Evernote after testing it initially several years ago (back when it had the original interface that I hated, looong ago) and so far I love it. It seems to be exactly what I've wanted for years. When I signed back up Evernote had me resurrect my old account (same e-mail address) and I had about 8 days left on my monthly cycle with 0mb usage (I had nothing stored). I racked up about 250 notes in that week and hit my 60mb limit right at the end of that cycle, and considered upgrading but decided to wait and see how I use it this month before making the final decision. My issue now is that my sync usage has spiked dramatically just in the past couple of days. A day or two ago I suddenly leapt up to about 29mb usage (from a few mb) and today it reports 43.7mb! Not sure how that happened, as I still have 27 days left! I know the expected answer will be "surely you put in some very large files" but.... no, not really. As you can see from the screenshot below, these are all of my file attachments going back to the day of the rollover. (filenames removed) (The two files at 3,257kb are a PDF and a "backup" Evernote created, not sure why, maybe I deleted it and re-pasted it in the note accidentally?) I also checked my Trash, in case I had something huge in there that I subsequently deleted after it was transmitted, but see nothing very large at all, certainly not in the mb range... So my question is, why has my sync usage spiked so high? I can't see any explanation for it. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, is there any way to view each sync to see what is being transmitted to find the root cause of these spikes? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide! Dave Edit Well I feel a bit foolish. After writing this post I later tinkered w/ Evernote some more and discovered the ability to view notes by list view, which shows the size of each note. I had a suspicion the issue was something pasted into a note but couldn't understand why it wasn't reflected in the attachments directory. Apparently Evernote only saves actual file attachments, not images that are pasted in. One of the images that I pasted in (a picture of a painting) today created a note 12.9mb in size! There was another image around 10mb and a collection that hit 6mb so that explains my jumps. I would have deleted this post but don't see a way to do that either, so I'm just leaving this edit here to answer my own question, and hopefully help somebody else who runs into the same issue.
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