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  1. @Vincent Verbaeys Unfortunately not. Neither for jotting not sketching. As I stated before - this is simply a software issue, not a hardware issue. Not even sure EN is developing anymore, as I didn't saw any significant changes or Bugfixes. Ist EN dead?
  2. I doubt it is a hardware-issue. It is a software issue inside of Evernote. As I can't use EN as my daily driver, I got used to Squid. It is very responsive on my Samsung Note 10+ & Samsung Tab S4 - wheras on both devices ENs handwriting was completely not usable. Even Googles Keep has a much better responsivity. But to be honest: it got better, but is still not usable - but for jotting down notes ... I'll stick with squid.
  3. Same here. Brand new Samsung S4 Tab. Every app works fine (best are the Samsung apps, which I don't like). But Evernote is a nightmare. Hoped after years of usage to get finally my hands to the handwriting feature; but still ... nothing & useless. Had the same issue back then with my Nvidia Shield ... So this problem persist now for over 3 years. Dissapointed Pro-User - but thank you for the "new elephant" ?
  4. I would love to ... but sometimes ... the limitations are blocking? Would be awesome, If I don't need any 3rd party apps to do my work in a way I want to achive. I could provide a very long list of´possible improvements. But all good suggestions in this forum get ignored anyway - as this article, created 4 years ago. Any as other apps are showing: inline tags are not rocket science...
  5. Can you explain the "primary sourcen." -- I put everything into evernote (approx 7000 notes). I switched to paperless a while ago. F.e.: my insurance documents, Invoices, Guarantee documents and more are scanned and tagged. So I can find it fast - Thtats what I really love on EN. But when it comes to "serious" note taking: I suffer each time with the editors possebilities (Tables got better after years), but: Table of Content (like: Confluence), Inline Taggging (like: Google Keep), The way of handling Content (like: Notion.so), Smart Objects (like excerps of notes (Confluence), Emedd videos, google maps and more (like: Notion), automatically updating links and link lists), Nested Searches / Nested Favorites, Smart Searches (where I can change parameters like the date range), Annotations inside of notes (like Confluence, Google Docs), Styles inside of nodes (Headings, Toc, Lists, Collapsable Lists, Anchors, Sub/Sup-Script. The editor in fact is very basic - and copying notes from other sources like web/office offten scramble my content - so I need to fix/align it manually. Don't get me wrong: I rely on EN, but the UI is extremely outdated by it's capabilities (in comparison to other online editors / note taking apps). So I'm working only "static" on it, but new stuff I put elsewhere (an import it later). - So I changed my workflows to try to get around with thats what's missing in EN. Searching - or eaven loading offline notes on Android is a pain. It takes partially forever to lead a simple locale text note.
  6. I already give up on Evernote (I hava a payed plan) ... but they focusing on "reskin" and so on, instead of bringing in convinent features to Evernote. EN will be my primary sourcen. But when it comes to taking notes serius: I rely on Notion.so. The way how they handle text is incredible and a game changer. The only thing EN does (yet) better: tagging, and search (but truly say: where is a good UI for stack together a search ... the search itself is powerfull, but the implementation of the UI (Windows, Android) puts it to ashame.
  7. Long avaited tables are finally there. Some small glitches: 1. when adding a horizontal line to a colored cell, the lines backround stays white. Also I witnessed a fix for "format to text". Usually it added an extra paragraph, which needed to cut out manually. This seems to be fixed now. Great work - thank you!
  8. @jefito: Thanks for pointing to the new version. I didn't got notified. I'll install and see if this problem ist fixed (for me) Update: After installing (303089) - I can say: the problem seems fixed. Thanks!
  9. As I mentioned in the above posts already, I really need this feature. How can Google implement it in such a tiny tool like Keep, but EN is unable to handle it?
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