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  1. Same here. Brand new Samsung S4 Tab. Every app works fine (best are the Samsung apps, which I don't like). But Evernote is a nightmare. Hoped after years of usage to get finally my hands to the handwriting feature; but still ... nothing & useless. Had the same issue back then with my Nvidia Shield ... So this problem persist now for over 3 years. Dissapointed Pro-User - but thank you for the "new elephant" ?
  2. I would love to ... but sometimes ... the limitations are blocking? Would be awesome, If I don't need any 3rd party apps to do my work in a way I want to achive. I could provide a very long list of´possible improvements. But all good suggestions in this forum get ignored anyway - as this article, created 4 years ago. Any as other apps are showing: inline tags are not rocket science...
  3. Can you explain the "primary sourcen." -- I put everything into evernote (approx 7000 notes). I switched to paperless a while ago. F.e.: my insurance documents, Invoices, Guarantee documents and more are scanned and tagged. So I can find it fast - Thtats what I really love on EN. But when it comes to "serious" note taking: I suffer each time with the editors possebilities (Tables got better after years), but: Table of Content (like: Confluence), Inline Taggging (like: Google Keep), The way of handling Content (like: Notion.so), Smart Objects (like excerps of notes (Confluence), Emedd videos, google maps and more (like: Notion), automatically updating links and link lists), Nested Searches / Nested Favorites, Smart Searches (where I can change parameters like the date range), Annotations inside of notes (like Confluence, Google Docs), Styles inside of nodes (Headings, Toc, Lists, Collapsable Lists, Anchors, Sub/Sup-Script. The editor in fact is very basic - and copying notes from other sources like web/office offten scramble my content - so I need to fix/align it manually. Don't get me wrong: I rely on EN, but the UI is extremely outdated by it's capabilities (in comparison to other online editors / note taking apps). So I'm working only "static" on it, but new stuff I put elsewhere (an import it later). - So I changed my workflows to try to get around with thats what's missing in EN. Searching - or eaven loading offline notes on Android is a pain. It takes partially forever to lead a simple locale text note.
  4. I already give up on Evernote (I hava a payed plan) ... but they focusing on "reskin" and so on, instead of bringing in convinent features to Evernote. EN will be my primary sourcen. But when it comes to taking notes serius: I rely on Notion.so. The way how they handle text is incredible and a game changer. The only thing EN does (yet) better: tagging, and search (but truly say: where is a good UI for stack together a search ... the search itself is powerfull, but the implementation of the UI (Windows, Android) puts it to ashame.
  5. Long avaited tables are finally there. Some small glitches: 1. when adding a horizontal line to a colored cell, the lines backround stays white. Also I witnessed a fix for "format to text". Usually it added an extra paragraph, which needed to cut out manually. This seems to be fixed now. Great work - thank you!
  6. @DTLow - Thanks for pointing it out. I'll take a try...
  7. Such a feature would came in handy. Most to-do apps I remember have per default a notification running when a reminder was set. Now we have that cool new feature to create new notes over a permanent notification... But why I can't get a "real" notification of my todos? This topic is now 1½ year old and I was searching for exactly this problem... It's there maybe a third party app which can handle this? @Wordsgood - misusing a reminder for "pinning" is the same I do, because of the missing feature of have pinned notes (yes, I know - there is the Favorite-Notebook, but I barely use it due to the lack of having nested elements... I use a tag:favorite in parallel and make a saved search based on it. Everything we do, are still hacks, to come around with workflows EN don't provide.
  8. I used a workaround based on that trick with [shift]+[click]: I created a single root tag under this tag I ordered my main categories on level three I put all the rest and subacategories Example: 1. 2. 3. Now I'm able to open or close all my tags (800+) with one click... @Pandaar - Shortcuts for Windows
  9. Thanks for reply. Creating an own UI would be one way - but in my opinion a to huge effort if you want to enhance only a small piece. E.g.: there are a lot of plugins for the Google Chrome or Firefox to enhance or change its features/capabilities. It would be to much to create an standalone browser only to create something like the beloved Evernote WebClipper / Clearly (which I still use) :-)
  10. Whats about providing an API, instead of trying to implement only a part of great ideas from your customers. So we can build our own features. Because I think, the community has great ideas, but EN is unable to serve them all. An API would be the best compromiss for creating cool things as (only a glimse from my mind): Inline Tags (similar to Google Keep) Inline Anchors / in connection with an Table of Content "real" tables // the current implementation is really buggy Tables with fixed header / footer Tables with summary (calculating Columns) Tables with column sort Tabled with column filter "real" formatting // the the ideas from Confluence as real headlines Additional meta information to an note like a date range special note types Or mark a note as template Excerpts of a note (using the same Template everywhere and get all updates Macros at all / Maybe a Macro Market? An better search UI (at least under Windows / Android) - bec. the current works, but you need to remember all search terms instead of clicking them together Outlining (collapsable list of information) Checkboxes which inherite the state from child checkboxes Different color for Evernote links in comparison to real links (I know you get green links if you drag a note to another, but this does not work with STRG-K Speaking about links - why should we use 3! different shortcuts to edit a link? Why not only STRG+K as all other Win or Web-Apps work Support for Markdown Allow inline HTML Edititing (for advanced users) Allow Inline Videos - An Note is just an HTML - why not support embedded Objects? Preview of attached Office Documents / Google Documents - there are a plenty of Viewers available Finding attachements based on the extension (this is already implemented, but in a real limited way - so I need to assign extra tags to find my attachements Support of a global CSS to style your notes ....and many many more - thats just a few of my ideas ... but think about the power of the community....! Don't get me wrong: I really love Evernote and I'm a Premium user since years. But I can't see any development to make things really usefull. Yes: EN 6.* for windows was a huge leap in the right direction, but there are sooo many missing features regarding to the editor - I can referate hours about the pros and cons of EN :-)
  11. @jefito: Thanks for pointing to the new version. I didn't got notified. I'll install and see if this problem ist fixed (for me) Update: After installing (303089) - I can say: the problem seems fixed. Thanks!
  12. No, it is not fixed. I expierience it since today in the same Version mentioned above.
  13. As I mentioned in the above posts already, I really need this feature. How can Google implement it in such a tiny tool like Keep, but EN is unable to handle it?
  14. Unfortunately I stuck to Windows. And as far as I saw screenshots from the Mac-Version: it looks like it is far more developed than its Win counterpart. Would be great to have an official API to prodvide plugins - so everyone could customize EN for his needs.
  15. Unfortunately this does not work, or I'm unable to reproduce it. Tried in left panel and search icon.But it works over strg+q. Disabling in the options worked for me, but it would be better to have this option as a search term (power user style). On the other hand: it is a bit confusing, that this behavior is not equal on each entry point: text search, icon search, popup search... In general I like this feature to search for child tags to, even if they don't have the parents tag on it, but it sould be optional by search term, or a easy to reach switch in the search context. Do you know if there is any plan to bring an better search interface to the windows client, where a user can click everything together (I think I saw similar stuff on the Mac client)
  16. @csihilling: It was only a suggestion to improve the UX as other apps do this already (f.e. google keep). This kind of tag handling would make EN perfect. See this example in keep: A new Note, with inline tags added while I wrote the text whis previously not existied tags. A new note will comsume this new created tags automatically, when I'm writing a new note. The Tag-List is also updated. It's a perfect example how google does this (beside the fact: they dont have nested tags and notebooks) - but it would a easy to implement feature request to EN - As I hold 3700+ notes in it.
  17. Hi There, not sure if this was already questioned (didn't found anyhing). In the new client on Windows 6.1.1, you have the possebility to add Tags to your search by clicking on the tag-search-icon or simply by adding "tag:xyz" to your query. Now it comes the new feature that all child tags from this selected tag will be included into the search. This happens only on the Icon, the search term "tag:xyz" returns what i'm searching for. - But I want to have only tags which are especially tagged with the tag from my search. Due to the lag of autocomplete in the search field it's really uncomfortable to enter each tag I want to search manually (especialla when the are long like: "1997.00-1998.00 - Eberswalde; Eisenbahnstr. 80" ). Example Tag Tree (note count): xyz (5) sub1 (5) sub2 (5) sub3 (5) My (icon) search for tag:xyz returns 20! notes instead of 5 I'm searching for. I know, this is a usefull feature added to the new client, but is there a way to search exclusiv for notes tagged with "xyz" ignoring all childs. May there is an kind of search grammar I missed? like "tag:xyz -childs" Also: there is a bug/feature: If I create a new note, based on my search - It creates note with ALL tags, where I only selected ONE. But I can't delete the unwanted tags from the note Thanks Zsolt
  18. This property is totally missing in my regEdit. Trying to set this at home (I'm not an admin on this machine)
  19. Thanks for pointing this out. But a real inline tagging would be the only perfect solution. Example: I often try to set important informations inside a notes text an forgetting to tag them correctly: "plans to visit Amsterdam" should be more interactive by entering: "plans to visit #Amsterdam" where the key #Amsterdam ist automatically added to the tag list and remains highlighted in the text (to focus it later on while reading). The # should be used as a trigger (and will pop out a context menu after the first letter to choose your tag from, or create a new one) and the final text looks like this: "plans to visit Amsterdam" again, where the "Amsterdam" ist highlighted (as the tags in the toolbar, to be recognizable) and clickable (same interaction as with native tags). If I dont want to have a word to be tagged, I can use the backspace key to remove the tag function from the word and it remains "#Amsterdam" Unfortunately, EN is unable to search for the # (or it just ignores it). AND, I really like the Tag-Overview, so an entered tag (keyword) should be added to the tags list, instead having it in the text only and I need to memorize them. Especially, if you have hundreds of them.
  20. ctrl-f would not work globally, bec. it's already reserved in searching inside of notes. Would be cool to have something like ctrl+shift+q (oops - it closes the client (Windows 10)) Sorry, for duplicate post.This topic was already answered.
  21. I think there is still a small bug, or is it intended (a so called feature)? Steps to reproduce (hope it works): 1. strg+q opens the dialog 2. select one of the saved searches (mouse click or keyboard) 3. reopen the dialog via strg+q 4. select one of the last searches (mouse click or keyboard) The filter result would be an combination about saved-search-selection + last-search-selection This does not happen if I open the dialog twice an enter two search terms on my own, by ignoring the presets... May you can describe a little bit more about the intened behavior, and whats "resetting the context" exactly means. Thanks in advance.
  22. But this solution (Shipt+Arrow) does not work in the tab-overview (or at least on the first level). It would be great, if we get an consistent behavior across the app. As _adt_ already mentioned, there are a lot of users who are working with 100th/1000th of tags (mostly due to the lag of having an deeper hierarchy on notebook stacks). It would be great if the overview starts with collapsed tags first (or at least as an option in the settings). When I search for a tag, only those nodes should be opened, where I have a match. Further this highlight for matched tags should be a bit more eye-catchy - as the yellow mark is really hard to find. (Or, an another enhancement - not only open the node, where a tag was found: also hide all unmatching tags - it would a huge step forward (and it is technically not so hard to implement) Bug: if you drag&drop an list of tags (incl. subnodes) to an other tags - those hierarchy gets lost - in this special case I unordered ca. > 400 tags before I where aware of this bug - please fix.
  23. Finally - a fix in 7.0.5 was hitting my device right noe - problem is gone. Thank you Evernote!
  24. No Feedback @Evernote so far to this topic? What's the status? Should we write directly to the customer support to highlight this issue? Is there an public issue-tracker available?
  25. I took a look into the logcat: there is often an error like: Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: No field value in class Ljava/lang/String;and2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - getValue() 2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - caller asked to wait ... 2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - waited 0ms 2015-06-03 11:23:44,224 DEBUG [e] - failed to get value 2015-06-03 11:23:44,224 DEBUG [j] - server value is null for testId:use_cases_fle_v642 use default:controlAttached is a export of the Log. evernote.log.txt
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