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  1. Haha ..this thread is still active. I have been actively testing quite a few evernote alternatives and posting here may be 2 or 3 years back. Since then I settled with Notion.so, Still have a premium subscription for evernote though. [ I just forgot to cancel it. may be cancel next year] Happy New Year Guys.
  2. Hi @Echoreflection Thanks for your suggestion. I was not replying to your comment as i have said before, i will not add new alternatives to evernote to this thread. From now on whatever I need to post i will do at Reddit. Just tested Tusk ... didn't like it. For a simple reason.. It's not a proper desktop app. It is just the web version of Evernote encased with Electron framework. Have you tried creating local notebooks with Tusk? What additional features Tusk is offering can be done in any browser with add ons like Dark reader and others. Meanwhile you can have a look at Giganotes. [ https://www.ubuntupit.com/thetapad-giganotes-a-data-management-and-note-taking-app-for-linux/ ] At present I am using Open note [ Self-hosted ] and Wiznote. Looking closely at Standard notes and Notion development. Thanks.
  3. HI @ever_coffee Hope you are doing well. Wiznote is working fine here.. both in Elementary OS and Windows 10. I am currently using Leanote which i have self-hosted using Mongodb. U can check out this GitHub article .. both Linux and Windows tutorial is there. https://github.com/leanote/leanote/wiki/leanote-binary-installation-on-Mac-and-Linux-(En)
  4. @Metrodon This discussion could go on and on without any fruitful result... Neither of us backing down. So let's stop this topic. By the way, i self-hosted Leanote In the process of migration from evernote to my servers. Goodluck and thanks..actually this discussion hastened the process of leaving evernote .
  5. @DTLow, Yes , seldom if i upload something in the cloud, i tend to use cryptomator. @Wanderling Reborn 1. no ..i don't need to Audit what info i save in the cloud, i am rest assured i don't put anything in the cloud that i don't want to. About banks, cards..i remember them.no need to use papers even. 2. You have rightly mentioned, it depends on individual companies’ direction , business models etc. But you will be surprised to know how many proprietary and commercial softwares are there in Linux. For your reference, i gathered some links - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_proprietary_software_for_Linux http://lin-app.com/category/utilities http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxCommercialApplications.html 3. Yes, to migrate all the notes from an application you probably once loved is a painful process. But honestly, what happened to Springpad can happen to any software or internet company... even the likes of Yahoo [ got hacked two times i think]..the Elephant [ aka Evernote ] may also fall some day. Anyways, it's a personal decision. And let's put rest to this topic..as i am not posting any further 'Evernote Alternatives' here.
  6. 1] As I have repeatedly mentioned in this thread..i don't trust any cloud service safe enough to store my bank account details. Servers can be hacked/personal detail may be used in probably any country. Secondly..I have mentioned servers being located in China is a point of concern. 2] I agree, Linux is not the most popular of the desktop operating systems out there. But if you read this zd.net article you will come to know actually millions of users still prefer to use Linux. [ https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-many-linux-users-are-there-anyway/ ] I wonder if maintaining a linux app is not financially viable for such a popular company as Evernote, how come others are doing it. 3] As i said before, i probably store less than 1% of my 32 GB data in Evernote servers, rest are in local notebooks. As you have mentioned of Springpad, u must know Springpad before being closed gave ample time to download your notes. Anyway anyone should keep back up while using any of these services. Thanks.
  7. Hi @ever_coffee I just checked out in Elementary... If you like the new web version of Evernote, and do not like chrome or prefer something open source you can use the Chromium browser or for that matter any browser built on chromium ... Vivaldi and others. Just checked it's working. The New version of evernote is not working for Firefox Quantum..sadly.
  8. Hi ever_coffee Thanks Yes.. I have gone through the same problems .. that is the reason i was trying to find a suitable alternative. I guess the staunch supporters of Evernote felt a bit offended. So i have refrained from posting about this topic here. What they failed to realize, we also like Evernote, otherwise would not have used it for over 8 years. But it's sad ... Evernote always tend to ignore long pending feature requests, without even giving a valid reason.[ I remember, I complained about non-availability of a stand alone linux application 3 to 4 years back] ... just for using Evernote i have to use Windows [ I am dual booting Elementary and Windows 10]
  9. @DTLow Yes i did mention. Even with Evernote, 99% of my notes are offline, few are synced ..if i need to study them when i am at work. For sensitive data..better to keep them offline..whether server is located in China, Russia or the US.
  10. @Metrodon In the first post, I did mention that as a concern. Essentially i use Evernote for storing and studying Medical notes. So the server being located at China is not much of a concern for me.
  11. Hi @DTLow I thought a comparison of the Evernote alternatives, may help other users like me. We all are aware of the problems with Evernote, just wanted to find if there is a comparable Note taking application. I do not think I crossed my limits. Anyways no hard feelings, Will be posting on Reddit from now on. Good Luck.
  12. For today's developments ... I removed Nimbus note from this trial due to non-availability of a stand alone Linux desktop application and a dark mode yet. [Although read at Reddit, it may be on the pipe lines] Standard Notes does have huge prospect [ specially the Premium version ] ... but at this moment it is a 'Text Only' editor. May be in near future we can see some major developments .. being open source, standard notes has gathered huge interest and many are contributing to it's development. Let's see how it goes, will keep an watch. So only one remaining among aforementioned three is Wiznotes ... may give Joplin a try. Today i tried to create a 'call to action' with the click.to software that could have enabled me to paste all the copied texts, images, screenshots to Wiznote [Similar to the function I use for Evernote] ... but failed so far ..due to lack of documentation and the forum being in Chinese. Thanks
  13. Hi @Help_me Below you can read the official reply from Mozilla addressing exactly this question [ I sometimes wonder how the Mozilla guys always make some time to answer the important questions] https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2018/02/01/understanding-extension-permission-requests/ If you ask me, I tend to install very few add-ons [mostly those that qualify for 'Editor's choice] . Secondly I use Keepass [Mother of all password managers] for managing passwords.. and for very sensitive passwords i still prefer my brain or pen and paper. Heard good things about Bitwarden ... still i prefer my passwords to be offline.
  14. Hi @HELP ME! I am presently using Mublock, Multi-account container and Dark Reader in Firefox quantum. Really impressed with Firefox Quantum, glad I made a shift from chrome. thanks
  15. Actually this is a great question .. probably has crossed everyone's mind at some point. To circumvent this.. I do not use the Evernote's webclipper extension [I use only three extensions in Firefox quantum], rather I use Lightshot or One note's Clipper [For windows] and Shutter [For Elementary OS]. These app's do not need to be added to your browsers, rather are separate softwares. I also use a software called Click.to [paid] that allows you to transfer whatever you have copied be it 'texts' or 'screenshots' to evernote, Google keep, documents, any image editing software and several others.
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