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  1. I was looking for a grayscale add for Firefox. Funny you mentioned Dark Reader - I will install it. I see that both Multi-account and Dark Reader also ask for "Access your data for all websites." I assume you did some digging around to get comfortable with these add-ons. I ask because you seem pretty aware of the issue and if you already researched their privacy policy and open-source code (if any), then I wouldn't spend any time researching them and would just start using them
  2. That's very helpful. Out of curiosity, what are the 3 extensions that you use in Firefox?
  3. Definitely appreciate your perspective and the fact that only Evernote can answer this question. This is a fairly important question for Evernote to answer in terms of what their clip on does. How many users realise the technical abilities of the permissions given to this web clipper, including for example the ability to read all your emails. Anyone from Evernote who can comment on this? Thanks
  4. I see the Firefox addon gets permission to " Access your data for all websites " TECHNICALLY, this would allow the Evernote web clipper to read all passwords I type in Firefox and all the websites I visit. I understand why the clipper needs access to this permission but am very concerned by the technical ability of the web clipper to for example, read and transmit my banking and Gmail password. - What info does the web clipper send back to third party servers (other than articles clipped) - URLs, category of websites surfed, keywords etc Thanks
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