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  1. Running on Windows 10 Bug: select a stack (not a notebook within it) Begin typing in the search bar Focus goes to All Notes, and that persists when the search is executed Result: you need to use the drop down to go back to the stack you wanted to search EDIT: Clearing the search leaves you in All Notes EDIT: After selecting the desired stack, editing the search shifts focus back to All Notes
  2. This happens to me (Windows 10, EN 6.8 beta 5). I played around a bit. As noted you can click on other notes in the list but the content of the note panel does not change. Likewise for notebooks. Also, happens if you have the note open in its own window or in the EN note panel. Looks like this browser-ish integration isn't ready for prime time yet. I have not filed a ticket as one of you may have already done so. If someone could confirm there is a bug open on this that would be great.
  3. Update--I have not been experiencing more crashing; now just the "usual" "Not Responding" issue. Maybe in 2018 I can get a new PC with a pure SSD and all will be good again.
  4. I use sync everything as for my use model I was constantly waiting for content to download. That may be important. I may try resyncing my entire database, or the optimize option and see if that improves things.
  5. This beta crashes several times in an hour of use, also hangs on "Not Responding" but never comes back. Sometimes it is very fast, sometimes not. If I can repro issues I'll submit a ticket, but would be interested to hear if anyone else is seeing crashes (i.e. app shuts down and on restart, you get the dialog to send the crash info to EN) or freezing issues.
  6. My error. This thread says common editor. I read it as UI; a bit gunshy, sorry. )
  7. I saw in another thread that Evernote is still pursuing a common UI project. Is that the case? As one of those of us who lived through the launch and quick demise of the “beautiful” Windows release this strikes fear in my heart. Can you reassure me that no paradigm shift is in the pipeline for the Windows client?
  8. Welcome. I’m sure you are in for a fun ride. Lots of great users here who help a lot. Having coordination should add value.
  9. Of note--yesterday my Windows 10 updated (without warning--my system just hung, and restarting ran an update I for which I wasn't notified). Today EN is having major "Not Responding" issues for me. Recently it had been performing fairly well.
  10. FYI, in saved search, searches saved with any: sometimes come up all:, randomly. EN is aware of this and has a bug open to fix. Sounds related.
  11. I tried this and it is not happening to me. But I do not use tags or notebook names with symbols other than - . I then created notebook "@goofy", and created 2 notes in that notebook with tags @donald and @minnie. Saved a search notebook:@goofy, tag:@donald, then ran that, then new note, and the tag is applied. So I can repro with the @ symbol but not without it (didn't test#).
  12. For me, the Windows client crashing issue on particular notes has been fixed in beta 4. Just wanted to give closure here.
  13. I had the crashing problem in EN Windows in beta 2 and 3. In my case, selecting the note, selecting it as 1st or last in a shift-select, having it appear as the 1st item in a search, etc. all crashed instantly. Basically, with the note panel open, if the note was active there it crashed. It was a handful of feeds that crashed every time, for every emailed note from that feed. To help support, they asked me to export some said notes in enex format, and send to them. I did so, and they could repro the problem, and it is fixed (for me) in beta 4. If you can do the same hopefully they can repro the problem.
  14. I see this whenever within a table. Usually you can get outside of table at the top or bottom of the note. Put your cursor there and try it. I have yet to find a way to eliminate the table and convert to normal body however.
  15. So you are using the clipper in Windows client? Which version? What browser? I use Windows 10 and run 6.8 beta 3 at present, and Chrome for clipping web content. From time to time I see issues and occasionally I have to log back into the clipper. I don't think that is your case. I suggest clearing the cache (for the last hour, day whatever works) and seeing if that clears it up.
  16. I'm having an issue with beta 3 that I have seen off and on in prior versions. I have a number of save searches. Some of them use the modifier "any" with a list of text items. In beta 3, these often revert to "all" when I use the shortcut to launch the search. It seems that if I use ctrl-Q and choose the search from there, it usually works. This is very hard to reproduce. Anyone else seeing it?
  17. Not sure if this is a bug or "feature". The way EN sorts notes when sorting by title is different in EN Windows and EN Web and IOS (all 3 are different from the other 2). This has probably been there a long time. I rarely use web, so never reported it. The attached images show the difference.
  18. I have found another note that repeatedly crashes this version. Also, there are crashes doing other things, like clicking on a notebook. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta 1. Tested same notes, no crash. Waiting for support feedback before moving back to beta 2.
  19. OK, here is another recurring issue that I have not previously reported and is still in this version. I have a number of feeds, newsletters, etc. that I use my EN email to have the material sent to EN into my default notebook. I then process these emails, which typically have web links to articles and other html content. If I use a search to select notes with particular keywords in the content, sometimes EN scrolls the selected note down to an occurrence of the search term. If I do not click in the note body, but use the scroll bar to get back to the top, it may pop back to the below content. Likewise, if I have scrolled farther down, it pops back up. There are two workarounds--one is if I continue to keep the scroll bar selected (i.e. keep the mouse button pressed) I can hold the note in a given position. But if I let up on the button, the note may jump. The other workaround, which I'm not sure works 100% of the time, is to click in the note which un-highlights the key words, the note stops jumping. Of course, then I can't see where the search term appeared (unless I do an in-note search, but that isn't what I want).
  20. There is an issue that actually I have had for a long time in the Windows app, and it is still present, so I thought I would report. I have a number of feeds, newsletters, etc. that I use my EN email to have the material sent to EN into my default notebook. I then process these emails, which typically have web links to articles and other html content. In some cases, if I just select the note, something occurs that causes EN to see that note as updated, so it jumps to the top of the list when sorting by updated date/time. This is annoying but I can deal with it. It would be great if it could be fixed. Anyone else see something similar? (I have one more recurring issue, I'll report separately).
  21. Update--I just found a note for which taking any action crashes the Windows app. I sent the note from the web app to my email then forwarded that plus the app log to support. Hopefully they can figure it out. It isn't just this note, but at least I can repro the crash with this note.
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