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  1. I'm seeing a lot of pages that just won't clip from Chrome--the icon just spins and says Saving Your Clip forever. Tried clip selection; clip article, clip page. None work. This began after this update. Sometimes if I try again, it works, and can be very fast. Sometimes the only solution is to copy/paste manually. This will be difficult to repro but I can try to find some pages as examples. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. Well, I tried an experiment wherein I opened IE11 instead of Chrome; since I rarely use it I deleted all history, cookies--everything; then restarted and tried from there; same result. Perhaps it is a security setting; hadn't explored that. I finally submitted via my iPhone app.
  3. Accessing help from either the web app, or the windows client, sends to a web page that says I need to log in to access support, clicking on log in at the top kicks me to a page saying I'm logged out, logging in there sends me back to the web app. Circle complete.
  4. I tried switching to IE, which I only use tor rare occasions when I have Chrome problems. I deleted all cookies etc, then restarted the browser. Same loop. Finally submitted via my iPhone and the app there. Basically I'm asking if there is some way those of us who want to remain with EN and are troubled by the issues, direction, and silence, could help. Clearly, the forums are just self directed for the most part (at least those I participate in). BTW, is there a GA later than 6.12 that is a good choice for Windows?
  5. This has happened before, but now I cannot find a way out. From Windows client, selecting Help & Learning opens a web page asking me to log in for "improved" support. Clicking log in takes me to a page informing me I've logged out. Logging in from there takes me to the application in my account. Infinite loop. Can't submit a ticket; but plan to hack by sending email to saved email I have. BTW, clicking on send email on the web leads to the same situation. Using Chrome.
  6. I can't get out of this loop. From either web client or Windows, clicking help takes me to a landing page that says You have logged out of Evernote. Logging in takes me to the application in my account. Infinitely. I'd like to submit a ticket but can't get there. Same thing happens if I click on the send email button on the web.
  7. Decided to try experimenting with Notion. A few issues right away. Exported ~ 1000 notes from EN to html. Tried to import; it crashed after 500 or so; and decided to put them all in the trash. Not a real loss, because on inspection, no attached content comes in anyway. Their import guide warns images won't come over, but my PDFs didn't either. That's a killer; out of 23,791 notes, I have 4788 w/PDFs, and more with various other content attached. Also, Notion truncated note titles, and of course the detailed info that is kept with the notes goes away. There is also a cap on free usage; it appears that just importing all my notes without attached content would hit 100% based on what it says I used in my test. Appears a personal account w/unlimited is $4/month. But unless there is a better migration, I don't see going that way soon.
  8. A workaround is to highlight then clip selection
  9. In my case, there is a VERY high correlation between "Not Responding" and 100% Disk utilization in Task Manager. So there is some reason to suspect EN wants more I/O. Not guaranteed, however, as if it is poorly designed and generates a huge amount of queued I/Os, it might just max out the wait stack no matter what. I'll keep you all posted if I proceed, for the benefit of others.
  10. I might look at the SSD options again. I can get a TB for about $230; still have concerns about the cloning etc., but I might try it.
  11. Thanks, that’s good to know. I’ve been considering alternatives for a while. I reverted back to an older version but performance is still poor regardless of less bugs. I have 20k + notes with a large fraction having PDFs and for 2 years performance has been an issue.
  12. I found this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2016/03/11/make-the-move-from-evernote-to-onenote-today/
  13. As encouragement and recognition for the developers, I should note that for me, the gmail issue aside, the latest clipper appears to be much faster than before. Thanks for that.
  14. I would not update to 6.12 at this time. It has many issues.
  15. Previously I reported the behavior of 6.12 beta 2 crashing (just disappearing), and in one instance crashing with a memory error reported. A new behavior has presented today--crashing but remaining in background, such that you cannot restart the application from the taskbar. My workaround is to use Task Manager to remove it from background, then I can restart it normally. Just reporting for the benefit of the developers.
  16. So far, I would say 6.12.2 has as many or more performance issues than previous versions. Over the last several days, it has shown "Not responding" more than "usual" (Windows 10, HD with SS cache (but not full SSD). It crashed completely once (just disappeared). It crashed yesterday with the following:
  17. I confirm the problem as well--below are after and before switching to new gmail
  18. Problem is identical in 6.12 prerelease
  19. I'm running and found an issue that appeared after I was using it for a while. As far as I can tell this appeared when I switched to the new gmail. Clipping emails is no longer working in the new gmail in Windows 10. You can see what is clipped vs. what it should look like in the images. I'm currently installing 6.12 prerelease and will advise if the problem is still there.
  20. It’s here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112693-evernote-for-windows-611-ga/#comment-502100
  21. Initially, I would have agreed on the lag. However, every day the app seems slower, I'm getting tons of "Not Responding" again, and the lag is back--sometimes even longer (10s of seconds) than before. Today it crashed altogether. I don't know what is going on but this version is beginning to look problematic to me.
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