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  1. My beautiful Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 was discontinued some time ago. The next generation is the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. The iX1500 might have a few new features or improvements; but if you look at the reviews, not everyone likes it as much as they did the ix500. Personally, the iX500 does everything I need it to do. These scanners are not cheap to replace; and don't even get me started on how the iX500 (and its sexy blue light) looks so much better and more expensive looking than the iX1500, which could pass for a child's toy. Needless to say, I had no intention
  2. Thanks PinkElephant; however, it looks like I'm using the latest version of ScanSnap (ScanSnap manager Version 6.5 L61) for my scanner. If anyone knows how to get the latest version of EN ( to work, correctly, with the ScanSnap application (ScanSnap manager Version 6.5 L61), please let me know. It seems that EN has resolved some issues, i.e., it no longer creates a new notebook with each scan. But it doesn't allow me to scan directly into the specific folder I'm clicked on in in EN; it only scans into my "default" EN folder. And it hasn't brought back the functi
  3. if you wanna do like a skype screen share, I can probably get you going again; I installed the legacy last year. It worked fine side by side the current edition. And scans went into whichever notebook I was clicked on at the time via scansnap to application.
  4. It would be ok if "automatic" synch also meant "instantaneous" sync but it doesn't; it could a few minutes or longer to reflect across devices or across shared notes. If you share a lot of Evernote notes--and want to your users to get them immediately, or if you just want to see how they render in the public link version--waiting and waiting for them to update on Evernote's time is killing my productivity. Yes we need the auto synch function. But we also and, non-negotiably, need to bring back the push-to-sync button.
  5. I've experienced similar behaviors with Google services connected and disconnected. Coincidentally, prior to seeing this thread, I placed a support ticket yesterday related to this same issue and have a related forum thread going as well where I've pointed support to. Here's another reason this boxed Google link format is a bad thing: It breaks the text wrapping and the ability to resize columns in tables. The ability to resize columns has important implications in mobile environments and user experience. Note: the boxy appearance is only forced in my desktop version (I'm using Windows 10
  6. On further experimentation, if I create the table with a column large enough for the boxy google link, then I can still resize the columns. But once the column (containing the google link) has been sized down narrower than the google link's boxy outline, the table breaks and can no longer be resized period. Clarification, the behavior described here, only occurs in my Windows 10 desktop version of EN. The online/web version of EN is not plagued by this behavior. One might wander: why not just keep the table columns wide enough to accommodate the google link's forced boxy appearance? Or w
  7. For me, this boxy format of the google links is only occurring in the desktop version of ever-note. It doesn't appear on the web based version of EN. Not good, because I prefer to use the desktop version since it is more efficient. And yes, it doesn't matter if you've connected EN to your google drive or not. The boxy link format persist regardless. I just want to be able to create a simple hyperlink again. It's also breaking my tables, if the table is resized down (like for mobile) it can't be re-sized back up again.
  8. Looks like my memory is not as good as it used to be. So turns out, I rebooted my computer, and all the fonts went back to their usual sizes in the Desktop EN version. As stated before, the web based EN fonts were never affected. So that was one issue, the fonts in the desktop version. It's some kind of glitch with the desk top version that is fixed, as many computer hiccups, with a simple reboot. The whole fonts thing didn't send me on this tangent. I care about them; but the real issues is my tables are getting broken and can't be edited in the desktop version of EN. And upon re-examini
  9. Thanks for the mention. Making edits on non Window devices? None that I recall. I've experienced some weird happenings, as well, after editing highly formatted notes on smartphone; therefore, I've tried to limited those highly formatted note's edits to the desktop version. Thanks again.
  10. Updated 7/31 @ 10:24 AM PDT: Out of respect for everyone's time, you might want to skip down to the last video I posted, which really get's to the heart of the matter. About 1.5 to 2 months ago, I noticed my EN tables, from a few notes, were not illustrating correctly in the Windows Desktop Version; all the text was too big and blown out (in spite of zooming out as far as possible using "control" & "-"). Tables look fine in the web based version of EN and on the IOS version on my iPhone 10. And the tables are displaying fine in Chrome and Safari. So the issue seems isolated to the Des
  11. What I would really like to see Evernote do is put a button in the smart phone interface that would insert the time and date.
  12. thanks. Yeh, even the little lines don't help much (although I'm not getting those either). In the past, I could type in any search term and it would be highlighted in the main window of evernote without having to open the PDF.
  13. Hi, I'm using Evernote for Windows 10 (the windows App version: (308859) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). This is the version you get from the Microsoft Store. The search terms are not being highlighted. I've started/restarted the program. I've rebooted. I saw some old threads from 2018 and prior years but there was no resolution. The majority of my notes are uploaded as PDF's. Any ideas?
  14. It's fairly commonly known that you can just highlight the line of text and drag it around.... albeit, it's a bit clunky. But, today, I discovered a little game changer. Now it's not as elegant as shift + alt + arrow (up or down), but it'll certainly do for now. For a list with a number, bullet, or checkbox at the beginning of each line--if you hover over the number, bullet, or checkbox--you will see a little hand appear. Once the hand appears, you can left click, and easily drag the item (or line) up or down the list.
  15. It's not as elegant as alt + shift + arrow (up or down), but here is the workaround I just discovered. For any list that is numbered, bulleted, or has a checkbox at the beginning of each line--if you hover over the number number or checkbox--you will see a little hand appear. Once the hand appears, you can left click, and easily drag the item (or line) up or down the list.
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