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  1. I'm going back to plain text notes and markdown. Attachments will be saved in my folder structure and links between the attachments and notes created in a text editor through markdown syntax. I can use pretty much any text editor (in the past I used Rasoph Notes on Win and nValt on Mac) but tools like Obsidian make this process very easy now. I understand this won't work for everyone, but it works for me. No more dependency on a proprietary database. My subscription expires in April next year so I'll still be keeping an eye on Evernote, just in case.
  2. Thank you everyone for taking time to provide your feedback. This is a great community of users. I have given up at this point. Uninstalled v10 and am back to legacy version until I decide what to do next. Thanks again.
  3. The point is... First file is downloaded from v10 and appears corrupted. Second file downloaded from v6 and works fine
  4. This is the same file taken from Evernote legacy? Works fine. Very strange. ROR3 - UT thickness mapping.pdf
  5. The file opens in the legacy version. This is what happens when I download the file from Evernote v10.3.7.
  6. Honestly, I've exhausted my patience with this. Raising tickets and reporting bugs is not what I want to be doing. I don't have time for that. I've installed legacy version and will be using it until I find a good enough alternative. This won't be easy though.
  7. 10.3.7 must have done something to my database as this and other files now appear corrupt. I was able to open them in v6. This is becoming ridiculous. I'm doing this troubleshooting with great hesitation as I don't have time nor interest to beta test unfinished software. Sadly, I'm too invested in Evernote (user since 2011) to abandon it immediately. ROR3%20-%20UT%20thickness%20mapping.pdf
  8. pdf attachments behave as expected in legacy version, however 10.3.7 cannot display pdfs
  9. You should have done your work during the beta phase. I'm not paying for annual subscription just so I can be frustrated every day for not being able to do my work.
  10. Running v 10.3 on Windows and it's still painfully slow. There's also some random behavior in how my notes are presented. Sometimes as a list, the other time as snippets. This is happening even though I selected list view in all notebooks.
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