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  1. Funny just this morning I deleted version 10 and reinstalled 7.14. Are you saying you can have both versions running at the same time so Scansnap will scan to the old version and everything will sync to the new version 10? This seems like a huge oversight to me as scanning to Evernote is such a core part of the functionality and how I and presumably many others use it. I would think this is a simple software fix once someone at Evernote and/or Fujitsu care to fix it.
  2. Please ignore the "verify certificate" photo. I accidentally attached that and can see how to get rid of it. Moderator, please remove that image if possible. Thanks.
  3. For years I've had my ScanSnap printer scan directly to Evernote without issue. I just installed Evernote version 10 and now I get an error. I've attached photos of the error and the versions I'm running. Is there any fix for this?
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