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  1. Implement a means (via tagging or some other mechanism) that will allow attachment/insertion of an email or attachment at a specific position within a Note. This feature is pretty much necessary for anyone that might be using attachments in a complex Note that may reference emails or other items. This could be a simple tagging method, whereby you insert the specific tag format with a unique string, then Evernote's code will insert after that tag -- possibly with formatting options such as having a frame around the email is also desirable.
  2. I'm surprised at this, simply because I never published the information anywhere -- so I'm concerned that other information may be exposed within Evernote that otherwise should not be.
  3. I just set up Evernote recently for evaluation. In doing so, from my place of work, I tried sending two annotations via email, which worked -- but I didn't like how this feature works, lacks some granularity (for me). I've since left it alone. Imagine my surprise when I come in to work today with two emails from Evernote indicating that they couldn't append notes to my Evernote account, and they were obviously spam. Yes, I reset my email address. But my primary question is how is this information being obtained externally? I haven't released the former address or posted it anywhere. This makes me wonder if bots are scraping Evernote for information - if that's the case, there's a larger problem. Anyone else have an issue with this?
  4. Great, I hope Evernote takes "note" (pun intended) of this and considers investing in this type of ancillary functionality - there's definitely use for it.
  5. The way this is handled is rather klunky at the moment. I would think it would be in Evernote's best interests to improve upon this capability. In my situation, I use emails in my notes to document things. Yes, I can copy-and-paste and indent/italic, etc., but that's a manual process and something I could do in a basic word processor, locally. I have seen other note-file-storage apps that use objects to store data like this. In Windows, that would be through the API (grabbing objects, storing them). On the Mac, which I use, I'm not entirely sure about that, as it's not within my experience, but I bet it's entirely possible. And that would depend, I would think, largely upon whether one was doing this via the local APP or to the web-based interface (which the underlying browser would need an addon to support). So for now, I'll stick to my copy-and-paste-and-format manual operation, but hopefully something better will come along. Thanks!
  6. I have found the EnForward addon for Thunderbird, but I've had problems with this as there doesn't seem to be a way to specify where you want the message filed. And, once it's in EN, you can't seem to move it around, as in within a message etc. To make this more effective, and more useful to me, I would like a way to select an email message, drag n' drop it to the Evernote application (web interface maybe?) and have EN either optionally attach it to the note or display it inline. That same process and functionality would be useful for any document, actually. This would be much more useful for me. I'm going to guess this object-oriented approach isn't yet available yet, for messages as the underlying application would need to support it. Anyone have other thought on this?
  7. I like to use bulleted lists in my note taking. However, I prefer there be a space between the items both for clarity and ease of reading. Please implement and option to accommodate this, as I know I'm not the only one that prefers this formatting.
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