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  1. On the one hand... if you want to put in your 2 cents that you don't want them to spend time on this, you have every right. And if there are millions of users such as yourself, perhaps they can chime in and make their voices heard. But when you start saying what ever note IS about, it sounds like you are saying the way YOU use it is the RIGHT way to use it... and everyone else is wrong... :-) In any case - I also mostly use evernote as a repository... (in GTD speak is my "reference material" repository)... 95% of what I have in there is scans, or web clippings I never edit... I don't use it for massive text editing... but occasionally I want a bullet list... or to type something out in evernote... I don't want to use Word or another app for this, because then I am fragmenting where all my data is... I want all of it in one place. When I make a bullet list of questions for the doc, I don't want to have to open the note, then open a word doc attached to the note, etc. I just want to be able to have a bullet list right there... In any case... I don't think evernote needs to be full fledged word processor... just a basic rich text editor that doesn't suck terribly at the simple task of minor text editing... Seriously... I've seen wiki's with better in-browser editors than what evernote has in a native app... that's sad.
  2. Thanks... Good to know... I didn't even realize the whole not history issue... that's a HUGE glaring problem... My main thing is this... I don't need to encrypt most text on my pc... I don't let people log into my windows profile... and if anyone who ever uses my PC might know how to get to files of a different user, it would be me... Basically... the people I want to protect my note from is the Cloud/evernote. Which is why I want something completely different. A notebook that remains unencrypted and fully searchable on my own PC... I can access with no password (except the first time when I login initially)... but that is encrypted before sending up to the cloud such that evernote employees could never access it. I know that #1 this might mean no image text search because I think OCR is done in the cloud... I'm fine with that. #2 Some people DO want the notes to be stored encrypted locally, which is why I recommend 2 types of encrypted notebooks. Fully encrypted. (requires password every time you want to open the notebook) and cloud encrypted... works like any other notebook in your local PC app, but is encrypted such that evernote (the company) could never read the note on their servers. (Much like how my lastpass works... I leave it unlocked on my personal PC profile that I never let anyone use... so I can early search and use it... but lastpass the company still has zero knowledge)
  3. Great - thanks! I know this has been suggested in the past... what's the status? Is it on the road-map? Is it at least a planned feature? Under serious consideration?
  4. Apologies to be redundant... but I realized you never actually acknowledged my other feature suggestion above... and since this thread has your attention I want to make 100% sure you saw it since it was amidst my huge post... ENCRYPTED NOTEBOOKS... I quite literally have on my RTM list every 6 months to look for Evernote competitors who might offer this along with a good enough set of features that I can abandon Evernote for a product that makes it easier to both have privacy when needed, and cloud convenience. Your only options for privacy are local notebooks (no cloud backup) or encrypting bits of text I must type a password every time I want to see (Onerous) and I can't encrypt attachments or photos, so no could backup/sync for those if they need to stay private. I need to be able to just create notes in a protected/encrypted notebook. Evernote/you have zero knowledge. Yet I can access them freely and without password on my own PC/phone if I so choose. (of course I know I would need to enter the password once... I just mean not every time... unless I choose that) See previous post for more details about how I think it should be done. Please.... please... tell me this feature is on the roadmap... Fix that and note formatting, and you probably have me locked in for life...
  5. I'm not totally sure if that last post was a question or a statement... :-) In any case - just to make sure it's totally clear what was happening I made a quick 1 minute video to show what was happening. http://screencast.com/t/XDkWH9SeUH
  6. I just found a new issue... this one is very minor... not really the type of thing I would call "buggy"... this is more just "not polished"... but since we are on the subject and it just happened I figured I would share... When there is a long text next to a checkbox the wrapping text should start where the previous line above starts... instead if starts where the checkbox starts... this looks ugly. (It looks like your bullet and numbered lists do this correctly... but not the checkboxes.)
  7. Hey - thanks! First - while I have your attention... Evernote is great, except for these formatting issues and one other non-related thing... The glaring and absurdly missing feature.... encrypted notebooks! I want the ability to encrypt a whole notebook so I can put sensitive notes there and have them protected from other eyes but still have them sync. I'd prefer this feature be implemented, so that I have option (per notebook) to either require password each time I see notebook (i.e. protect it from you/cloud and from other people on my own PC), or to only require the password the first time I open the notebook on a new PC, so that it's really just to protect it from you/cloud. (i.e. others on my PC could see it... but I don't have to futz around with entering a password everytime I want to see it... but you (evernote) still have zero knowledge) I see no reason this feature should not be implemented. If you offer local notebooks and encrypting parts of notes... you should offer encrypted notebooks... they would be like local notebooks except they sync! and I don't have to worry about backing up in case my PC crashes. OK - with that out of the way... So, the issue described in OP is the main one I am having now. (quoted below) I described that one in detail. Other problems I don't recall the details I just know the often involve pasting stuff from other sources and the text being ridiculously large, or formatted strange... editing causes strange results... or other various problems with line breaks from pasted text. It reminds me of some web page wiki rich text editors... where it seems like the underlying html is not being edited in an intelligent way. Resulting in strange spans or font tags, etc. One thing I will say regarding my original problem is that I was poking around and found the "simplify formatting" option. performing this caused the issue described below to go away. Since then I have not pasted anything. (I mostly use evernote for page scans from scansnap, and web clippings using chrome addon... I actually don't do much manual pasting/editing... which means that the issues i have are far and few between... but it seems like a large percentage of manually manipulated notes) But the next time I do and have an issue, I will try the simplify formatting again... perhaps that will help me. (Might be nice to have that as a button just like bold/italics/strike through, etc for one click mouse access) In any case - I will post back here (or wherever you like) to describe issues in detail as they come up... or actually I use Jing/screencast a lot so I could even post a video link showing the issue in action. My reports may be few and far between though because I don't do manual editing much, but I am happy to report if you tell me the best place. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks! I'm on windows. I guess that might be part of my problem... I commented on the Evernote Windows thread to point them here to read about my problems if they want.
  9. FYI - I'm on evernote windows and have plenty of formatting problems... particularly with check boxes... you can read my experience here if you are curious.
  10. Lol :-) Yea... banging my head on a wall was getting tiring which landed me here looking for advice. Thanks for the tip! Workflowy looks pretty snazzy, I might have to give it a try... I do hope evernote gets their act together though... (or there are perhaps some tips/workarounds I can use in the meantime)... I do like having evernote has my universal reference material app. One search box for everything. I suppose until then though I may have to add workflowy as another app to organize my life. Question about workflowy... I see I can hover and click complete... but can I get checkboxs for easy one tap completion on my phone? Part of what I want with this labor bag list is to be able to easy check things off as I pack last minute items....
  11. I LOVE evernote... can't live without it... but as I start to use it for more than just scans and clippings.... I have the WORST time with formatting in Evernote... it's absurd... it's the type of stuff I expect in cheapo, immature app... but evernote in pretty much all other ways seems extremely mature... so I don't understand why such simple things dont work well... Example Right now I am making a checklist note... (It's a labor hospital bag checklist)... been working on it for a few months... adding things as we think of it... I have a couple sections... each with a new list of checkboxes... randomly... my note... or parts of it get all messed up... like there will be new lines between checkbox and text, so it goes line with checkbox and no text line with text line with checkbox and no text line with text etc I put the cursor AFTER the check box and hit DELETE (NOT BACKSPACE) and it deletes the check box... OK... that SHOULD work... but it doesn't... whatever... not a huge deal... i'll just try another way... so instead I try putting the cursor at the start of a text line and hit BACKSPACE... it deletes the line break AND the check box... groan... Forget it... I'll just delete all the check boxes and start over... so I delete all the check boxes... I just have a list of items one per line... highlight them all and click the check box button... and I'm back where I started... line with checkbox and no text line with text line with checkbox and no text line with text etc At this point I'm getting pretty annoyed... If this was an isolated incident I would not care... but stuff like this seems to be the norm... I have had SO MUCH TROUBLE with this note over the past few months... I don't know if it has anything to do with editing on my android phone app sometimes or not... but even so, the various apps should be compatible!! Other problems include pasting stuff from other sources and the text being ridiculously large, or other various problems with line breaks from pasted text. Am I the only one? At first I just let it go and figure it's bugs that will get worked out... but I have been using the app for years now and it still sucks at this... and this one note, which I have been working on adding things here and there for months has pushed me over the edge... so curious if others have problems, and if so any way to fix this? And/or are the bug fixes in the works for this stuff?
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