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  1. Has anyone reported this as a bug? If not, I will. iOS on iPhone 6 with plenty of free space. I had all my notes for a 6-week adventure, and this bug was a real PITA. I had to stop multiple times a day to wait for EN to take me away from the place I needed to read next (or where I wanted to add new content to existing notes), wait to get to the All Notes screen, find the note I just had open, wait for it to open, scroll (or search) to the place I just saw, but couldn't access, then resume what I was going to do. Often this was in a crowded spot, where I'd have to step to the side and look like the tourist I was hoping to not look like by having my research in Evernote.
  2. I don't understand your answer. What are you confirming? If you are saying there is a Siri shortcut, I can't find it. If you are saying that what I said is true and that I'm not missing anything, I'm baffled. 99% of my EN use is for text. So, to me, being able to have EN as my default note application in Siri seems like a no-brainer. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. I'm exploring the new features of iOS12 on iPhone 6. I want to be able to say, "Hey Siri. Take a note," and have Siri start a new EN note. Doesn't seem possible unless I want a photo note, an audio note, or a note created from the clipboard content. Instead I have to do it the old way: "Hey Siri. create a new note, winter vacation, in evernote." Am I missing something? "Hey Siri. Take a note" does what it's always done, create a new note in Notes.
  4. I have EN (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641). I upgraded to it on Win7. Now all my note titles are bold. It's distracting. Where can I turn them off? When I go in to Tools->Options I don't see anything under Note, or anywhere else, where I can make them unbold. Help! Should I just downgrade?
  5. I have this jumping cursor problem too in for Windows. It seems to be related to syncing, specifically when syncing finishes. Maybe it's just coincidence. It makes the product almost unusable whether jotting something down or writing with more intention. Will try suggestion. Then, try to remember to change it back at some point.
  6. Good note taking apps come and go. I still miss Packrat and Note Studio. I'd hate to lose Evernote, which is one reason I decided to pay $5/month: try to keep Evernote around. However, there's too much advertising urging an upgrade. If Premium users get the same advertising, that a disincentive to move up from the middle tier. The biggest motivation for me to consider Premium is to get rid of the nagging. The Premium features are not very enticing. I value my privacy. I'm losing trust in Evernote as it grows. How about a "do no evil" high-level policy to inform the “Three Laws of Data Protection?” Somebody was thinking about money, or at least not about users and customers. Rather than mysterious benefits, how about making what we are using now better? It works for the most part, but still... And, let me hide Chat. Chat annoys. How about making sure releases work? The latest, Version 6.10 (454269 App Store), has some bugs. I found workarounds, but I shouldn't have to.
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