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  1. Should help? you've had months to fix these issues and should have rolled back to a stable version of Evernote.. Sorry, but you've already lost my business as it's clear you don't actually know what's wrong with the software.. My business can't run on something that 'should' be resolved so we've had to find an alternative. You should be offering full refunds to people like us who have lost countless business hours on this product.
  2. I don't understand why Evernote are not addressing these issues - why are we as paying users expected to find workarounds for problems introduced with this crappy software.. I'm off to use Monday now as at least it works, I suggest everyone else does too
  3. Thanks but this is not a long term solution and I need something I can rely on going forward - im not really interested in spending any more money with Evernote so would ideally like to find an alternative service
  4. This update has rendered everything we use Evernote for as a business absolutely useless, this is literally the last straw after years of workarounds after every update - does anyone have any good alternative software solutions? I also need to migrate about 20,000 notes so a new solution needs to have that functionality
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