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  1. I could, but that is a tedious task with many stacks and notebooks, hence the wish for automation. If may be unclear from my previous post, but fixing illegal characters and just putting a note in the Incoming folder fixed my problem — the script works as a charm 😁!
  2. @andrewcalvin I tried debugging with the Script debugger app. The script failed because the "Incoming" folder was empty. I don't know how to tackle this in applescript, but I appreciate the help! Also, I found an illegal character (é) in a notebook name. Thanks a lot! Toke
  3. One enex files is produced, but the script end with this error: "gzip: can't stat: /Users/tre/Desktop/@Evernote/Evernotebackup/Blandede kilder.enex (/Users/tre/Desktop/@Evernote/Evernotebackup/Blandede kilder.enex): No such file or directory" I am sure the path to the directory is set correctly – I dragged and dropped the folder onto Terminal and copied into the script.
  4. I am very unhappy to report that this problem with new lines inserted in list occurs in Evernote 10 for Mac as well.
  5. My aim is to migrate all my notes & attachments, including the existing folders & stacks structure, from Evernote 7 for Mac to Keep It 1.8 from Reinvented Software. My original motive was the more flexible folder structures and organisation tools (bundles), and the gimped "upgrade", Evernote 10, has convinced me that I need a migration plan. Keep It allows for import of .enex files. I have found this to preserve all data, including note formatting, tags, image/pdf attachments, ect. Evernote allows for manual export of each folder, which is tedious for 57 folders. Therefore, I
  6. Related to this, were do I find the preferences to switch between inline and attachment views on Evernote for Mac? I have a similar workflow and frustrations as the OP. Apparently its under settings > Notes on Windows… but not on the Mac.
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