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  1. Nevermind. You just have to open and edit several notes and the recent note list will soon become active. It took over 24 hours for this to happen for me. Interesting
  2. Oh how interesting.... Thanks! I'll mess around with it a bit. This will solve my main complaint with the new update
  3. Wait, so your "recent notes" option is no longer greyed out under View> Sidebar options?
  4. I used the list of recent notes a ton in the old version. In the new update, that list of recent notes has now disappeared. When I click on View> Sidebar options, "recent notes" is greyed out. Why? Under the notebook title, you can click the drop down icon and "recent notes" is listed. Yes, I know. But this just adds a step. I want to see my recent notes in the sidebar like I used to. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. Mine is disabled too.... The "recent notes" saved me a lot of time because I bounce back and forth quickly. Ugh
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