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I was forced (actually tricked) into installing the new update. I have used Legacy ever since they took away the tabs feature. Now, on this new version, I no longer have any of the shortcuts on my touchbar for things like, font, font color, bold, etc. I have searched everywhere and can't find a setting. Any advice?

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A little history: In 2020, two leading tech companies launched their new products. Apple launched the Silicon Macs, equipped with their own chips. And EN launched the v10 series of clients. Experts still struggle in late night talk shows which step was more revolutionary, and better suited to push mankind to a next level. It's Godzilla vs. KingKong, in a nutshell.

But on this one thing both tech giants fully agreed: Apple replaced the TouchBar on all new Macs by conventional function keys, and EN decided to drop any TouchBar support entirely from its new line of clients.

So, no, you don't see it, and you don't see it because it's not there. Or better, its nowhere.

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Well... that's a bummer. It was so useful, and now I have to click more buttons to do simple tasks than I had to before. Touchbar macs are not extinct- far from it- so it's pretty disappointing that EN would not continue to allow us to use our machines as they were intended.

Thank you for the info though! Much appreciated.

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Every day there will be less and less Macs with a Touch Bar. I know of no software company that is still actively developing new features for it.

Actually Apple killed it themselves. I have a MacBook Pro with TB. In the home office it is on a stand, and I use the monitor as my secondary screen. There is (and never was) no MagicKeyboard with a TouchBar ! So most of the time using it meant to lift my hand 20cm into the air, and reach out nearly half a meter. No surprise at home I never ever used the TB.

On the road I enjoy it - but that’s less than 10% of my total use time.

So if you ask me: Apple introduced a very useful feature, and at the same time made sure by not thinking about the typical use cases it would never take off.

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