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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I have fixed the problem. For anyone else who has a 4K screen and runs across this problem or even have a 4K screen and the icons are super tiny and need to get them bigger, this is what I did. Please note that you will lose some of your resolution with this fix and you won't be running at 4K on your 4K screen. Go to the Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization / Make text and other items larger or smaller Select "smallest 100%". It will ask you to log out. Log out and log back in. Go back to Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization / Adjust screen resolution Your screen resolution will probably read something like "3840 x 2160". Change it to a lower resolution that still works with your screen size. I chose "1920 x 1080". My drop down menu for the font size came backk and the icons were also back to a normal size. Please note, you are now running at a lower resolution, so you no longer have the crispness of the 4K screen.
  2. My problem is not with the Surface but on a Windows laptop, but the font size drop down menu can't be seen. Makes it hard to change font sizes. Frustrating. I have also submitted a ticket for it. Will have to wait to hear back. Ticket# 846400
  3. I'm not sure if my original attachments were clear enough to show the problem. Here's another attempt with some annotations that should help.
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded to Evernote 5.7.2 (the latest version) and I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop with a 4K screen. For some reason the drop down menu for the font number (when I want to change the font size) does not show up so I can see the numbers to change the font size. Can anyone help me change it? Apparently there are settings in Windows 8 to make it so I can see the drop down menu, but I don't know what it is. I hope someone can help me. Thanks. Regards, Deanna.
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