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  1. Can Evernote create an alternative interface for mobile and ipad without all the clutter. I'm the type of user that wants nothing more than a search box, a 'new note' button, and a list of all my notes. can I have an interface with nothing else please.
  2. In almost any other autocorrect system, pressing backspace cancels the erroneous auto-correct suggestion. This does not happen in Evernote for Mac. I believe it is because Evernote is using the Mac spelling not its own. Please change/solve this! It is immensely frustrating to type and delete, type and delete, sometimes the spelling you want takes 5 goes to 'stick' sometimes it never gets there and you have to type a workaround. A real problem when trying to take rapid notes in a meeting or call. Evernote needs to have its own dictionary or at least the ability to write to the dictionary it's using with an intuitive immediate over-ride of false corrections by using the backspace, and perhaps the automatic adding to the dictionary of any new spelling encountered this way after it's encountered 3 times.
  3. Please add a 'format painter' as per MS Word, and "show formatting info" also as per MS Word. Currently formatting often out of control, eg. when pasting in from web, and no way to get rid of bad formatting issues locked in (undo fails) other than clear formatting which wipes the whole note. At least make 'clear formatting' apply to selection.
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