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Cannot add more fonts and change default font ?

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12 hours ago, TrentGT said:

change default font

The only way of doing this, that I know of, is to create a template with "normal text" changed to your desired font. New notes can then be created from that template. Only a partial solution as It doesn't do anything to existing notes and obviously doesn't increase the number of fonts available.

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I think one of the driving needs behind the V10 clients was to standardize font handling across all clients. This means that Evernote is limited to a small number of core fonts, where you can be sure that these are available on all platforms. 

If you added text in a new font to a note, what should be displayed on another device if you open this note? Should the entire font be embedded in the note so the other device can open it? What happens if the font is in a format that the other client doesn't support? What happens if the font has a safety bug? (Quite possible with Unicode fonts) that the virus checker on one platform detects but not another etc. etc. 

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Being able to use preferred fonts should be a standard feature of any writing app.   The dismissive attitude of Evernote demostrates a lack of understanding, and a puerile attitude to customers.  

This is a puerile approach to customer service and I am glad I learned the company culture before I committed time, money and other resources to this outfit.  

I will say goodbye, and hope the new owners of the company are better qualified to deliver service.  

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