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Cannot add more fonts and change default font ?

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12 hours ago, TrentGT said:

change default font

The only way of doing this, that I know of, is to create a template with "normal text" changed to your desired font. New notes can then be created from that template. Only a partial solution as It doesn't do anything to existing notes and obviously doesn't increase the number of fonts available.

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I think one of the driving needs behind the V10 clients was to standardize font handling across all clients. This means that Evernote is limited to a small number of core fonts, where you can be sure that these are available on all platforms. 

If you added text in a new font to a note, what should be displayed on another device if you open this note? Should the entire font be embedded in the note so the other device can open it? What happens if the font is in a format that the other client doesn't support? What happens if the font has a safety bug? (Quite possible with Unicode fonts) that the virus checker on one platform detects but not another etc. etc. 

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  • 10 months later...

Being able to use preferred fonts should be a standard feature of any writing app.   The dismissive attitude of Evernote demostrates a lack of understanding, and a puerile attitude to customers.  

This is a puerile approach to customer service and I am glad I learned the company culture before I committed time, money and other resources to this outfit.  

I will say goodbye, and hope the new owners of the company are better qualified to deliver service.  

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  • 5 months later...

It's annoying because we could do it with older versions of the Mac app. My MB Air can do it b/c it runs an older version. My big Mac can't do it. What a great feature to drop :(

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15 minutes ago, ErnaSheree said:

What a great feature to drop

Oddly,  it was a user-demanded feature to have Evernote appear exactly the same on every device connected to it.  Since MacOS fonts don't work in WIndows or Android,  the only answer was to develop in-house fonts and abandon all others.

The incredibly simple answer is: if you want your notes to look pretty,  use a word processor and attach PDF output plus the editable file to your note.

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  • 4 months later...

Well they manage to have multiple fonts in this discussion forum but they can't add more than 6 House fonts in their app? If they can have 6 fonts why not 60?

Not offering formatting choice in an app dedicated primarily to writing shows they are not thinking much about the customer. Just how much clutter they can add to up the price, but to many customers this isn't adding value it's reducing it. I don't want to upgrade from my older version despite constant nagging by Evernote is all the clutter and no formatting. Some people just want to write notes. It's all in the name. 

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I prefer the way it is in v10. It looks exaclty the same on all my devices, and I can switch to a serif or mono font if I wish. Apple Notes, Notion etc all behave the same way as they are note taking apps.

Agree with others, if you're looking to output formatted documents, then I'd start a draft in Evernote and then move to Google Docs/Word/Pages when I was at the formatting stage.

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2 hours ago, C L said:

Well they manage to have multiple fonts in this discussion forum

'They' are using third party software for the forum.

2 hours ago, C L said:

Not offering formatting choice in an app dedicated primarily to writing

Did you miss the memo about "Note Taking"?

Actually,  it was users who backed Evernote into this position.  There were many demands that Evernote look the same on all platforms and devices.  Android,  Apple,  Windows and MacOS all use their own proprietary fonts,  and cannot show fonts created on other platforms.  So Evernote had to create its own font that looks the same everywhere.  Which is why the new options are not fancy:  they're just intended to work.

3 hours ago, C L said:

I don't want to upgrade from my older version

The old Evernote is clearly going to be unavailable at some stage in the next few months.  Better to get a jump on the change-over rather than be forced to use an completely unfamiliar package to see your notes. 

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3 hours ago, Auggie said:

These fonts are *****! Sans Serif is partially greyed out...it's not crisp and clear and sharp like before. Hard to read!

Sorry, can you say more about that? Maybe a screen shot? I'm not seeing it "partially greyed out."

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