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  1. I have been using OneNote for a couple of weeks, and it takes a little getting used to (just because it is different, and I have been using Evernote for many years now). However, the more I use it the more I like it. I have not come across anything I need that it can’t do, and there are quite a few things I think it does better. The move over was really easy... Only challenge was that I had to unencrypt (in Evernote) and then re-encrypt (in OneNote) a few notes with encrypted content. I am still using both for the moment but am now in a position where I would be quite happy moving so
  2. My feedback to Evernote... I have used Evernote for many years now. However, this new version has me very worried. As many people in this forum have found, It significantly lacks in features and usability from the legacy version. My worry is that the legacy version stops being maintained/available before key and fundamental features make it to the new version (which at the moment is a long way from being fit for purpose). Please could Evernote confirm: 1. How long will the legacy version be maintained and supported? 2. What is roadmap for the new version, including timing
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