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  1. Just a quick update, not solved but a further problem occurred that macdown text copied in to a note somehow made the note too large to upload. I'm not sure if this is related to the blurring. I did find that if I copied the text directly into the note online, it went in fine. It would be good if the Team could address this blurring issue as I continue to use Evernote in the hope that it gets solved and my notes become readable again. Perhaps others could suggest alternatives to Evernote, also with methods of transfer? Thanks
  2. Hi, I've only just encountered this problem (Oct 2020, version-7.14) and it seems only to effect code blocks that I have pasted in from MacDown. Also, these same code blocks are not blurred on the web app so I'm hopeful this is an easy fix. I was wondering if this problem was something anyone else has just started to experience and whether there is a solution. Thanks
  3. Hi, Just upgraded my mac (2016 OS 10.12.5) and I've found that when copying markdown text from dillinger into evernote I get only plain text pasted. A google of the problem shows results mostly for the reverse case, pasting plain text from a rich text source. Dillinger is a markdown editor I use to add text boxes around bash code so that it stands out from other text in my notes: http://dillinger.io/ The Markdown does copy into word so I wonder if it is some sort of functionality that has been lost from evernote running on the new mac? Best, Mark
  4. Thanks all, Gazumped, thanks, I have taken a ticket and hope to hear from the team next week. I tried exporting and importing as you suggested and the problem persisted in the new note Jmichael, yes it is a SAVING problem and copying to a new note first pastes the entire note text and then when I switch to a new note and then back again the text has not been saved in the new note (i.e. the note is blank). I will post back here with the outcome of my interaction with evernote. Thanks for your help.
  5. Dear Evernote Team, I have found that a particular note is not saving. This is quite disconcerting as I save important information here. I am using a evernote on my mac. When I write in this note and change to a new note and change back to the original note the text I wrote moments before is missing. Other notes do not seem to be affected. I do also have evernote on my andriod phone but I rarely use it there. I am a premium member, please can you advise me on this? Best, Mark
  6. The Links feature described above seems to work very well to address this issue. Thanks
  7. This feature would be really useful for those using evernote as a scientific lab book. In a lab book chronology is important, so many will use a single note with lots of notes following on: method, result, method, result etc. However, all these methods get in the way when you want to just see results. A feature in which you can hide text to reduce detail would allow me to present only the findings (or figures) in the lab book. This would be really useful. Those people that don't want to use it don't have to.
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