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  1. I actually haven't visited the forums in quite a while. I always left depressed when I was seeing that my favorite organization app was "going down the tubes". I briefly visited yesterday and decided to support jimer2 since no one had confirmed that they were having the same issue. I'll start reporting issues like this once I see Evernote actually improving what is already wrong with it. The new CEO has promised to start correcting things. If I see signs that it is again becoming the smooth running machine it used to be, I'll get re-involved in trying to improve it. Until then, my involvement is going to stay limited.
  2. I agree with jimer2 above. While it doesn't take 8 minutes for me, it does take 1 to 5 minutes, regardless of whether there is just 1 email or multiple. My system is Windows 10 64bit Intel i7 processor Solid State hard drive 16GB ram Office 2016
  3. Thank you all for posting this. I want to concur with what is being said above. I am having all the problems above and more. Evernote's is now my most abhorred app when I need to take down information. This should not be the case with a note taking app. Manipulating text in a program in the year 2018 should not be this hard. I believe that Evernote has added so many "Cool" features (does anyone even use spaces?) that their current way of processing data is choking the user interface. What should be happening behind scenes programatically is happening on the UI thread. This has been a consistent issue and now with all the "new" things Evernote does, it's usability has plummeted for the end user. Doing anything with Evernote now, other than searching for data is actually choking productivity. I have to use word or notepad to type my notes and then copy and paste what I typed into Evernote because typing in Evernote is impossible. But then it won't paste where I told it to!
  4. :-( No more admin privileges. IT dept finally implemented some much needed user restrictions but now the work around is broken. Can this one program be given admin privileges?
  5. Sadly, since our IT department has locked down our computers (Something that I believe should have happened years ago), this workaround no longer works as it requires Admin access to utilize.
  6. /* Begin Rant..... I believe I read an article about Evernote back when it was just getting started. They hired a magician to give them feedback on their UI. The idea was that, just like a magician masks what happens when he makes a card in his hand disappear, the end user doesn't care what is going on in the background. They just want to be wowed. In the same way, a UI should work like a magician. It should be smooth, beautiful and intuitive and the end user should just go WOW as they use it. Sadly, Evernote seems to have forgotten this. I have been an advocate for Evernote since 2012. No longer can I in good conscience recommend it to others. Not only does the Windows app have issues, the mobile app is also just as slow, cumbersome and laggy. (Apple & Android) As a co-worker who uninstalled it and refused to utilize it anymore once said to me "It runs like a dog". That was years ago. Evernote. Your app still runs like a dog. I do not apologize for ranting about this. In the world of programming and app building, you will never be able to satisfy everyone. There is always someone out there that has a need or desire that no one else has. On many occasions, I am one of those people. It just makes sense that a business cannot add every feature requested by every user. It's impossible. I get that. With that said though, being able to type text without constant freezes and interruptions should not be a feature that users should have to ask for. End Rant */
  7. Too bad. I had my hopes up for a second there. Almost none of the PDFs attached are viewed as attachments. Guess this leaves me no choice but to: 1. EDIT PDF: Right-Click > Open 2. Copy to 3rd Party App: Save file locally > drag file from saved location into 3rd party app > delete said file :Blec: I have to perform these steps many times daily. Definitely a reduction in productivity. Add to that the issue of not even being able to smoothly enter text into the app and you've got signs that there are some core programming problems that need to be resolved.
  8. Really? Do you double-click on a certain portion of the PDF to make this work? Is your PDF open for viewing or is it just an attachment in the note?
  9. Agreed. I have personnel that are holding off on updating because of these changes. Limitations: Right click > Open as opposed to Doubleclick PDF or Single click the Open icon Feature Removed as opposed to Drag from Evernote/drop in a separate application
  10. UPDATE: Version (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) seems to have fixed this! EDIT: Nope. I was wrong. The problem still exists. :sadface:
  11. Agreed lzhtony. In my opinion, Evernote attaches way to many processes to the UI. I've never understood it and always figured that it would be fixed during the refinements they keep talking about.
  12. The Firewall block is working fine for now. I read quite a while back somewhere on Evernote's website I believe, that the Evernote database software would handle up to 9 Terabytes before degrading in performance. I believed them and went ahead and got our company to start using it. The business level allows 10gb per month upload quota. At max quota each month we'd be in trouble in four months. Doesn't seem logical for Evernote Inc to set up a customer to fail like that. On top of that, Evernote runs just fine without network access. If it was a database issue, wouldn't it manifest itself regardless of whether it was connected to the internet or not? What I believe is happening here is they tried to revamp the syncing process and their modifications didn't scale as they intended.
  13. 59000 Business notes 2900 Personal notes 39gb database All extra features were turned off (context, instant sync etc...)a while back when troubleshooting this issue.
  14. I am currently running Evernote on the following setup: Windows 7 64bit Pro 16gb ram SSD hard drive Intel I7-4790 CPU I reboot daily Typing text should NOT be a problem.
  15. I wish the fix would be this simple for me. I reboot both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines daily.
  16. I guess I'll have to rebuild from the server. It refuses to download all the content on the front end. Thanks.
  17. UPDATE: This workaround was working great for me. Then I followed the suggestions Evernote Support gave me which was to rebuild my database and setup on demand syncing. Now the workaround is broken because I can no longer get my full database to download. It only downloads notes on a request basis even though I've gone in and turned off on demand sync. When I navigate to notes it can't load them because it needs to download them. Any ideas?
  18. "Your issue has been assigned support ticket #2179948. You have also been emailed a confirmation including this number."
  19. As am I. I will let you know if it works for me.
  20. Before recording the above video, I had already turned off as much syncing as I can.
  21. Video Demonstration. Clean note. No attachments. I just clicked new note and started typing. http://www.evernote.com/l/AasMkDONXLtDyoVT6aDDWuI7q_DDVN1UyZ8/
  22. Evernote Windows 7 64bit Database files totaled 30gb
  23. Backed up my Database. Uninstalled using Revo. Downloaded and reinstalled. No change. It is doing exactly the same thing as before. I'll let it run for a bit and see if anything else changes but I'm not thinking so. I have created a work around by typing everything I need in Notepad and then just copying/pasting it into Evernote. The following is what you might call a "rant". If you are not interested in hearing it, you may stop reading now.... With a product so advanced as Evernote, it's kinda crazy that something like a simple text entry window would cause so much trouble. Someone really needs to look at the core code and make some much needed refinements. Evernote has become an irreplaceable monster. It's different pieces don't to work together as seamless as it used to. I am beginning to get the feeling that future upgrades are a bad idea. Once I get a comfortably working version, I'll just stick to it and hold off on upgrading as long as I can.
  24. I have been having this issue for far too long (while it seems like forever, I don't know exactly when it started). I am convinced that it is related to instant syncing of notes. I have disabled every sync option I can find, but the little blue triangle still pops up while typing in a note. When it does, the GUI freezes until the little blue triangle goes away. Very annoying and is ruining my experience with evernote. I loose my typing flow when the text doesn't appear as I type. You wouldn't think it would matter that much but it does. I have to type now without looking at the screen and then proof-read what I typed to check for errors.
  25. I am a paying customer and have the exact same issue except instead of every 30 seconds or so, for me it's every 5 to 10 seconds. I have a hardwired keyboard, Windows 7, i7 processor, SSD with plenty of space and 16gb ram. Evernote windows desktop client version 6.6.4. Really really need this fixed. Please! It's destroying workflow.
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