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  1. Hi, I have just upgraded to Evernote business from a personal premium account and am coming across a few issues with the desktop app. I have deleted a few notebooks from my admin panel on the web app, yet the notebooks (with no notes) still show on the desktop app when they shouldn't, as I deleted them from the web app. I have synced all notes and notebooks. The phone and the web app show my folder structure correctly as intended. Yet on the two computers I use the business account, there are extra folders present that were deleted in the web app. These folders that remain are actually different on each of the two desktops, the same "old" folders are different on each device yet either way they should be deleted. I also uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled them yet the same folders showed up again. I can't delete them on the desktop app as it/s a business account. I have tried moving them to a different stack (tried to make a "to delete" stack with these folders), and they won't move - assuming because they don't actually exist. How do I fix this so it shows what is in the web app, as I intended?
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