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  1. Exactly. They should spend their remaining dollars on improving the technical performance (always too slow to navigate and search), fix the crashes, fix bugs before starting to add new gimmicks...
  2. FYI - I will not reply anymore, so please don't bother - you done enough harm already.
  3. Blame investors ? No, blame the greed that needed "investors" - go figure, maybe for the executive salary increase of 280% The Evernote business was just doing very OK, was developing well, innovating, and creating a win-win relationship. You know, the old-fashioned way. In 2008, it is an amazing evolution: we have advertorial content from "revenants" - sure thing that we believe some whatever "customers" provoking other customers on the official forum (not serving the business, you know) heavy pollution from 10k+ posters ... is this a daily job or a no-life and the list goes on. All this and more, just to deviate the attention from real issues: 280% price increase over a period of 7 years, with no notable improvements of the product. You are doing a great business, just keep going what you are doing. Irritate enough a loyal customer and he/she will take the business away. Playing with fire is never a good idea. PS. I can pay whatever is needed, but I don't see the utility on a personal level. So please, don't provoke just because you like, you never know who is behind the keyboard.
  4. Incubated to a 280% increase (that's 3 times more expensive) over a period of 7 years. Is the salary triple over a period of 7 years ? Take a visit outside the incubator - you look totally disconnected from the reality.
  5. @DTLow: wonderful then - as a matter of fact, I will also correct my previous statement. It's my fault --- it is NOT a 10% price increase yearly. From 30 in 2011 to 84 the price in 2018 it is a 280% price increase over a period of 7 years. For loyal customers. Other than a new white elephant (or pinky, or whatever other trendy colour in the future) ... I do not see notable improvements that are justifying the price increase of this amplitude.
  6. Let's be clear. With the greatest respect, I think you twitch my initial statement - please re-read it. 30 to 84 price increase from 2001 that is an average 10% price increase yearly. Let's repeat: initial price was 30 in 2011, now is 84 ! By the way, I am amazed when some "customers" are a little too aggressive with other customers on the official forum ! That's not bad but is not serving the business. I read your comments, and let's agree to disagree.
  7. I read what you say - indeed, long-term customers can take a 10% price increase yearly for paying introductory "offers" to new customers. Great.
  8. Not very nice to see that EN is not taking into consideration its long-term customers. 7 years and price up from 30 to 84 yearly. Hello there ... some of us are in Europe here, our salary did not increase by 10% yearly ... as is the case in other far-away overseas countries !
  9. I agree. The bold title in the note list is horrible. It was just very fine with the previous version. Also the font type is horrible. Did your UX expert validated this UI change? Did someone complain about it in the first place? Please revert this back. many thanks, Didier.
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