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  1. thanks for your answer @PinkElephant ! - I understand one cannot have two EN windows on a dual screen (Android) phone. But can one have at least a single EN window in one physical screen of a dual screen phone, with the keyboard opening in the other screen? (ps: what you mention, to have 2 EN sessions running in parallel, is my wish since many years using EN on Android!!! but I lost hope on the EN guys to get that done. And yes, the trick with opening a second EN session in a browser I used too for some time. But i would already be so glad if I could at least use more screen real estate b
  2. Hi, it would increase EN productivity enourmously, if one could have the EN app open in one screen of a dual screen phone, and comfortably type into it on a keyboard that is open in the other screen. This is fully supported by Android since a while, and several apps (mostly Google and Microsoft apps) do have this feature. The app developer needs to simply enable this feature. ➞ Has anyone tried it if this works with EN on any dual screen phone? Before buying such a phone, I would love to hear some experiences.... Thanks a big lot!! Linda
  3. Hi, does anyone use EN on a dual screen Android phone? I would love to hear your experiences if EN is able to take any advantage of the dual screens. The google apps (chrome, email etc) are well able to deal productively with dual screens, and dual screen support is officially integrated into Android. But many apps didn't invest the little time to copy paste a bit of code from the Google developer instructions into their app... So these are two basic Android features for dual screens that I would hope so much that they work with EN: Feature 1. run EN across the full dual screen, such
  4. Thank you for your interest in our feedback. Your interest is particularly precious to me as I have posted the above feedback (show the "A" when text is marked) already several times on the EN Android beta forum. Each time, the users liked it and each time EN employees ignored it. So, reacting to your appreciated words of interest: it is unfortunately the case that Evernote does not listen.
  5. @Shane D. I am so so glad that I have the "A" back! Normal usability and productivity again! But EN could be even better with the following improvement. Would you consider implementing it? It is that the "A" is not available where it matters the most: when marking text. When marking text, the header shows the buttons "cut", "copy" etc. Would it be possible to add here the "A"? At least on tablets, there is really plentiful empty space for adding the "A" and it would be very efficient in case one does not want to cut or copy but wants to make text bold face or italics. Thank you in advance for
  6. PS: I highly appreciate that you do usability experiments! But for anyone with eyes on their head, 5 minutes suffice to find out that depriving us of space to see, scroll or mark text is a no-go on certain device sizes. Inspite of this, please do more usability experiments with users! But do them for a short time only and provide an option to get out and give feedback immediately. I worked as a project manager in internet usability and I happily give you more ideas as to where EN would badly need usability tests ... I wonder since years that so many needed usability tests are not yet done...
  7. Thanks @Shane D. , highly appreciated that (finally!) there is an explanation for this troublesome "innovation" of removing the 'A'. In the Android EN beta forum on gplus, the discussion goes on and on since the 29th of June what this disappearance of the A is and not even the involved EN employees were able to tell us what you told now: it is a usability test. @Shane D. , I would like to kindly ask for your help: for me the disappearance of the A means that EN became very difficult to use because the formatting bar wastes scarce space. I am suffering the lost space since about a month! Do you
  8. and, equally, all this would be just as important on mobile. I imagine it like this: 1 single additional button in the top or bottom bar when editing a note. when one hits that button, one goes from editing mode to marking and moving mode. then one could either a) just pull paragraphs up and down with the finger (simple and quick solution) swipe over some text with the finger to mark it, and then have some options what to do with this piece of text (not so simple, but more feature rich solution. it would also help resolving the notorious problem that it is so utterly difficult to mark any t
  9. for me this is the single most important feature request to evernote. in fact, in spite of loving evernote, I spent 2 hours sifting through all competitor aps, installing them, trying out, etc, ust to see if anyone has this feature. none had...
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