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  1. Thank you for your interest in our feedback. Your interest is particularly precious to me as I have posted the above feedback (show the "A" when text is marked) already several times on the EN Android beta forum. Each time, the users liked it and each time EN employees ignored it. So, reacting to your appreciated words of interest: it is unfortunately the case that Evernote does not listen.
  2. @Shane D. I am so so glad that I have the "A" back! Normal usability and productivity again! But EN could be even better with the following improvement. Would you consider implementing it? It is that the "A" is not available where it matters the most: when marking text. When marking text, the header shows the buttons "cut", "copy" etc. Would it be possible to add here the "A"? At least on tablets, there is really plentiful empty space for adding the "A" and it would be very efficient in case one does not want to cut or copy but wants to make text bold face or italics. Thank you in advance for improving EN usability!
  3. PS: I highly appreciate that you do usability experiments! But for anyone with eyes on their head, 5 minutes suffice to find out that depriving us of space to see, scroll or mark text is a no-go on certain device sizes. Inspite of this, please do more usability experiments with users! But do them for a short time only and provide an option to get out and give feedback immediately. I worked as a project manager in internet usability and I happily give you more ideas as to where EN would badly need usability tests ... I wonder since years that so many needed usability tests are not yet done...
  4. Thanks @Shane D. , highly appreciated that (finally!) there is an explanation for this troublesome "innovation" of removing the 'A'. In the Android EN beta forum on gplus, the discussion goes on and on since the 29th of June what this disappearance of the A is and not even the involved EN employees were able to tell us what you told now: it is a usability test. @Shane D. , I would like to kindly ask for your help: for me the disappearance of the A means that EN became very difficult to use because the formatting bar wastes scarce space. I am suffering the lost space since about a month! Do you see any chance to get me off this cumbersome experiment please? I want to be able to use EN normally again! Here I describe you the catastrophy I experience. I posted this on gplus (but got no answer): +May Allen I am still hoping every day for a solution to the probs discussed on this thread. It is pressing: I have all my digital life in EN. I fully trusted you. But since your decision to have the formatting bar always there on tablets, the editor is difficult to use on a 7" device. I almost can't scroll or mark text in that tiny space. I use EN for hours every single day on my 7" phone; and for that intense usage, the lost efficiency is a no-go. Is there any hope to get this resolved, please?
  5. Hi Gazumped, thx for answering. its text only, several screens full of text. the problem only ocurred on huawei ascend mate 7, not on any other phone I ever had (editing exactly the same notes!). so from this I concluded it must be some unfortunate interaction of that specific mobile phone and evernote. hence my big question if other huawei phones have been ever tested by anyone with evernote. I would so much love to have one of their 7" phones as the mediapad x2 or the p8max. but if evernote does not run well, then I am lost. I have just too many notes that fill a few screens...
  6. or any other phone that has a screen of around 7"? (I dont want to have 2 devices, a phone and a tablet, thats why I look for one 7" phone. but must work really well with EN....)
  7. Has anyone experiences using evernote on Huawei mediapad x2 or huawei p8max? (I ask because on a huawei mate 7, I had such a big time lag when editing big notes that I had to give the phone back. Unfortunately, I cannot buy the x2 or p8max with an option to return it, so I would really appreciate any experience!! searched all evernote and huawei forums and found zero.) please share anything you experienced, good or bad!
  8. all in all, after evaluating evernote and many many others for a few weeks, here is the result: I must use a different tool for every feature I need: my MOBILE NOTE-TAKING ZOO (take it as a private comparison / ranking / review for mobile note-taking software): 1. evernote excellent: search features. one can search for keywords in multiple documents. so when you do not know where you wrote down something, EN will find it for you. bad: the good search capabilities are really necessary in EN, because systematising and ordering notes is poor: there are only 2 levels of hierarchy (notebooks & stacks). so you don't get any propoer directory system. this renders EN problematic for taking notes for a book for example. various people try workarounds with naming conventions, tags, etc, but this is not how things should be. good: sync is really fast. I guess they achieve this by keeping the data volumens of notes small... bad: if a sync conflict occurs then there is no help at all: they put me a second copy of the conflicted note to the bottom of the notebook (in android. on the mac they have a better solution). this I will not notice. also they give me not the slightest hint what on earth the conflict should be. all I can do is to go through manually and compare manually. poor. the really bad about EN: the software is in a state such as word 6.0 was at that time: tons of features but bugs and annoyances everywhere. this is I guess the fault of us, the users: valuing features over quality ). my favourite most annoying problem: often I am presented with a message such as "this note cannot be displayed because of unsupported formatting". hey f*ck you, your application did that formatting!!!! so, to make it clear: you can switch on the "simplify format on insertion" option on the mac version, but that will not prevent from "unsupported formatting" on mobile. that is, various EN plattforms cannot read each other's "unsupported formatting". currently I am, again, looking for alternatives to EN because this is really too much. fed up. and the second worst: the whole inconsistent design: everything works everywhere differently. the most obvious example: if you want to do something with a notebook, press the right corner, if you want to do simillar things with a note, longpress. but that is 1 example out of 20 such ones. fire UI designer and HCI specialist immediately, but I doubt they have one at all. for testing, hire a grandma and if the grandma can remember what to do where then the HCI concept is is good ;D 2. google drive Since a few weeks, drive has full offline editing on android. with this feature it became better than EN in many regards, not only for document editing but also for EN-style note taking. they can do almost all what EN can, but in addition: + one can use colors in documents on android, in EN one cannot. there is a nice set of ways to mark text such as underlining or bold face, but no colors + sort documents by name on android (EN does it only on pc or mac) + unlimited hierarchies (EN has only notebooks and stacks, that is 2 levels. drive has a proper folder system) + consistent formatting and editing of documents (fully inconsistent in EN, I use mac and android. I often had texts created on one of these not even displaying on the other, let alone editing) where they score equal: = speed: while drive takes a bit longer to open a document, you can edit immediately. in EN one first has to tap the pen symbol and then one can tap the location where one wants to edit. alltogether, EN is more speedy for reading notes while drive is more speedy for editing them = screen space: both apps waste screen space by displaying always the formatting bar, if the user wants that, uses that or not. = both can add shortcuts to the home screen, in EN really easy via the menu, in drive one has to do it over the android widgets. this difference in easyness does not matter as this is sthg one usually does not do often drive does less well than EN in the following: - adding photos is possible but not so easy - speed of sync if there is a new file or new directory. with drive on android, I waited often an hour for a new file or directory to appear that I have previously created on my mac. the only way I found to speed this up was to sign out and sig in. this forces drive to sync properly. - search is only on file name level in drive, or inside a single document. resolved problems in drive: earlier, I used drive extensively, but dropped it in favour of EN because: it needed at least a minimal network connection and hence often refused editing in a train. this avoided version conflicts, but prevented offline work. this major issue is now resolved. conclusion from this EN vs drive comparison: both are good for taking a lot of small notes. for me, EN's capability of syncing fast and the excellent search outweights a tiny bit the many deficiencies it has. both are not mature enough when it comes to editing large documents on a mobile phone. in addition to taking notes, I wanted to put a larger document online on which I am working often. as a single file it seems hopeless at the current state of these apps. but chopping chapterwise into small docs I hoped it will work. it did not. using EN on android, the lack of a proper directory system along with the inability of EN to sort files by name prevents it. using drive, the lack of good search features over multiple documents prevents it. - I could not search the collection of files aas if they were one document, which is prohibitive if there are many many chapters (files). 3. google keep if I need a reminder on going home or on arriving in another city. it really works. location based reminders. EN can't do that, there were several requests I have seen, but not yet implemented. 4. 2do the only app I found that can do fast prioritizing of notes. there is quite some project management clutter around, nice if you need that, I do not. I would like to see more of my text notes, but it shows me only 2 lines plus the title. and it has no full user defined ordering of notes, but only a 5 categories priorities, but well, at least this one. changing them is a pleasure: just tap the priority symbol on the right and assign the new priority and the note is sorted automatically into the list of notes according to the new priority. and there are a few user defined "notebooks" (they have another name for it) one can put in really any order and have a nice tab on the left to access that notebook or list immediately any time. --- from here on unusable SW --- 5. onenote - just not mature enough. even moving notes between folders is not possible... 6. officesuite - I just tested officesuite to see if it is suitable for note taking. not really. saving is simply too slow, at least if it is to dropbox. you cannot just note down something in a second and go to another note in another second, because in between one waits for saving things. if there would not be this speed problem, at least in one regard I would substantially prefer officesuite over EN: they do not waste so much of the anywise small screen size by a formatting bar! so simple idea! so bad in EN! why on earth do they show the formatting bar all the time in EN?? just to eat up my screen size... poor UI design, again.
  9. Thanks zzz! - well, unfortunately, onenote does not do it. I tested all the names you mentioned and indeed they are as you say not available on android... I feel I give up the search, costs too much time... I just feel I would be happy to pay several times the yearly price of EN pro and no one wants the money
  10. and, equally, all this would be just as important on mobile. I imagine it like this: 1 single additional button in the top or bottom bar when editing a note. when one hits that button, one goes from editing mode to marking and moving mode. then one could either a) just pull paragraphs up and down with the finger (simple and quick solution) swipe over some text with the finger to mark it, and then have some options what to do with this piece of text (not so simple, but more feature rich solution. it would also help resolving the notorious problem that it is so utterly difficult to mark any text with two finger gestures. I often use it as I work much with underlining, bold face, highlighting, etc, but it is not a pleasure at all. and far from being effective...) I even could imagine a) and at the same time, but one had to see if things do not get too slippery with too many features and functions at whatever gestrues one does... what do you think? other ideas?
  11. @jb: > If it has no impact on speed, and considering the request has been made many, many times over the past five years, it makes me wonder why Evernote has not implemented it. Just not a priority for their roadmap? I guess we will never know an additional point of wondering: there are really better tools for user feedback & feature requests than this discussion board. I recall a tool, that has voting. so users can vote on the suggestions of each other. I think it was "user voice" but dont quote me on that. it makes immediately obvious what are the features that are wanted by thousands of users. and it does not cost almost no effort from the developers, no time intensive answering etc, just for the most wanted features a little status flag if they consider it, currently do it or completed it. the evernote guys surely work hard and surely are very, very tech savvy. it is impossible they do not know about such tools, totally impossible. in this discussion board I noticed that one of the favourite topics is guessing or thinking what the evernote developers know, think about or do. as you write: "I guess we will never know"
  12. @zzz: what are these two programs u use? it is so little what i would like to get: - order chunks of text according to user priorities - text space big enough for a few paragraphs - available on android and mac, sync these I just wonder why it is so difficult to find this... am i the first to ask for such a simple thing...? all work arounds i found so far are utmost tedious: - put numbers into the beginning of evernote note headings, sort according to headings - mark text chunks in google drive docs and cut-and-paste them elsewhere in the doc - assign priorities to 2do tasks (so far the best, but many annoyances such as frequent crashes on android) thanks in advance!
  13. hey gaz & jb, thank you both! - good that you wrote down these - it needs people like you to tell me that this feature has been requested for so many years. this saves me more posts and more hoping that this will be done one day. and the push from gaz to look for other tools finally made me take the time to try yet another round of toolsearching... and yes tehre is almost all i want: 2do. I played around with it for an hour on android and it is almost exactly what I want for the described purpose. while it does not have drag & drop of notes, one can individually order the folders and one can at least very conveniently assign priority categories to notes (they call them tasks) and then the order within the folder is made according to them. I will keep evernote for grocery lists and other such mundane things - I dont want to miss that pretty green icon with that trustworthy elephant )
  14. @gazumped: I highly appreciate your detailed post and agree 100% that one can manage well many many more notes and notebooks than I have. But how to do the following? I am clueless: - I have an ever growing list of ideas on how to tackle a problem - trying out an approach is costly and takes a while. so it is very important that really the best idea is used (-> priorities) - frequently I have new information (e.g. from trying out one of the ideas) that often re-prioritizes the whole list of ideas - the text associated with these ideas is not just a line (so one could use google tasks) but it is a few paragraphs (how and what to do and why etc.) Concrete examples: such a "problem" are: scientific problems where experiments need to be done in order to find out about the nature of things. or it can be purchasing equipment or software, where there are different products (and whenever I become aware of an additional important criterion relevant to my purpose, then the whole list of priorities changes again). I hope my description is now a bit more specific now and makes also clear why I am so utterly depending on draggin priorities up and down. I tried so far: adding numbers to the beginning of the name. its so awkward. I thought of using tags but that would be only good for categories such as "very good, ..., poor" or "very important, ... , junk". I must say I am really clueless. Maybe I was just wrong to believe that evernote is for this? @jbenson: where would you see a decrease in speed because of the custom order feature? custom order would be represented technically simply by an integer code in the data of the note or notepad. so from technical point of view, it would be exactly the same as the date by which evernote sorts currently, which also translates into nothing else than an integer. in both cases it is a simple sort to make the order according to that int number! so there is no way it takes even a millisecond longer than the sort by date! - but yet, I agree to the fullest that speed is absolutely more important than features. this is why I chose evernote over googledocs.
  15. indeed this has been raised before - but I have seen it only as a request for windows. Have you seen it for other platforms? If so, apologies. I think it would actually be the very most important for android and ios. when you have so little space, then prioritizing is what I would wish the most. having a huge messy bulk of ideas is just the opposite of the very idea of evernote, which I understand as a tool for "remembering everything". if things become too messy, then they are lost just as if they wouldn't be saved at all. or, if I cannot find that note or notebook, where I want to add a thought, then I search until I forgot what it was. lost again. to be honest, I feel that as wonderful the idea of evernote is, currently, it is optimal rather for light users who have few notes and few notebooks, or pc users where you have lots of space and hence good overview. I wish that evernote stays in business and continues producing great tools, but for that they need to address better the heavy users who have many notes and many notebooks AND do this on their phone. so, if you think alike, please support this idea with your comments, just that the developers of evernote see this kind invitation to please add this feature. see that we love their tool and want more of it. and yes, I would pay 10 times the price of the pro version for a tool that can do what I need. cheers to all!
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