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  1. Wow - something happened last night and I got my old Evernote banner back! All it has across the top is the check mark, the A, the paper clip, the camera and 3 dots - just the way I like it for my simple use of the program. Thank you somebody!! I use it with a 4.5" cell phone and every little bit of space matters alot.
  2. I have not found a solution on my Android cell phone and it is driving me crazy. Thanks for posting the images of the differences - Version 7 with the A and Version 8 without it. It appears exactly the same on mine. I was thinking maybe it was because I have an older phone running Android 5.0.1 but you are having the problem with Android 7 so that takes care of that. I would have dumped Evernote by now over this problem except I don't want to lose the notes I already have. I wonder if there is any way we can back up to Version 7?
  3. Jefito - this is extremely helpful. I went looking for the Evernote tools menu on my Windows 7 Professional computer and couldn't find it. So rather than unnecessarily bother you about it, I did a Google search and found I needed to have the desktop client version of Evernote and that it couldn't be accessed from the web client. So I downloaded it, found the tools menu, unchecked all the note editing options and you won't believe what happened - the A showed up and I was able to toggle the toolbar off on my computer!!! Now I'm hoping I can sync this version to my phone to get rid of the toolbar so I can see my text while I type my notes. I deleted the number row of my keyboard to have more reading area but and I still can only read about 1/2 a line of text while I type. Without the toolbar I can see 3 lines of text plus have my number row on the keyboard. My phone is Android 5.0.1 and I've been using Evernote with it since I got it a couple of years ago. This toolbar situation is new having just showed up for the first time 2 days ago. Thank you so much!! Susan
  4. Super Guru - that would have been sooooo awesome but I don't have an A in the toolbar. The only letters in the toolbar are B, I and U and then its formatting diagrams. I changed back to an older version thinking that might help but its still there. Thank you so much for considering this for me.
  5. I now have a format bar on Evernote on my Android phone. Don't know if it is new or if I enabled it somehow but it is taking up way too much territory on my screen. I researched how to hide it and found a reference to clicking View in the Evernote menu bar which would permit customization of the tool bars but I can't find an option for "view" anywhere - either on my Android phone or my Windows professional 7 laptop. Can anyone give me some more direction on how to find this or otherwise get the format bar off my screen? Thanks!! Susan
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