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  1. Here's the "note upload failed" notification (FOE is my place of work).
  2. Yup, I think that's where I see them. Will remember to take a screenshot the next time it happens. By the way, how do you quote a member's name (in that little green box)? Can it be done on Android?
  3. Pop-ups? I get them in the "shade" that I drag down to view notifications. Not sure if that's the the right term 😅
  4. I have a couple of notes that seem to be locked. The reason given for them being non-editable is: "This note is read-only. It was created by in another app." I do not create Evernotes with other apps, at least not as far as I'm aware!
  5. They're still coming, unfortunately. Will probably have to delete the photos at the source. Is there a list of phone directories that Evernote scans for collecting photos?
  6. I already have some of them in my notes (the ones I wanted to keep). Will try deleting one or two later and see if those still pop up!
  7. Nope, no extra space as far as I can tell, at least not on the right edge. Screenshot: Actual photo:
  8. Will try some screenshot vs actual photo comparisons later, but if my device is adding extra coverage, it isn't something that I noticed previously. It's a Xiaomi Pocophone, by the way. Mi's "budget flagship".
  9. My app auto-updated on the 26th of June, but I was also experiencing this new-note lag until recently. Magically seems to have resolved itself this morning, though 😅
  10. OK, so I was fooling around with the camera, and stumbled upon what might be a strange bug. The image shown on screen doesn't seem to be exactly the same as that actually captured. Notice the additional white space (wall) to the left of my door frame in the actual captured image.
  11. Thanks, will have to experiment with this! Have never really used the Evernote camera before.
  12. Does that only affect the physical dimensions of the image or its actual storage size as well?
  13. Is there any way to change (reduce) the size of images inside notes?
  14. Got them this morning. They pop up about once a day. But I'm not sure where exactly they come from in the phone! 😅 There are about 7 of them. These are the first 3.
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